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One Spring Night K-Drama

One Spring Night (봄밤) is the newest 2019 Korean drama series from MBC that tells about lovers who love each other and they think about marriage. The latest drama series will air on the MBC channel starting May 22, 2019, every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 local time.

One Spring Night (봄밤) player will star the beautiful and famous actress Han Ji-Min from the famous drama series “The Light in Your Eyes”. He will compete acting with the young and handsome actor Jung Hae In. He performed beautifully in the popular Korean Drama series Something in the Rain, which aired on jTBC in 2018.

The Korean Drama One Spring Night (봄밤) was worked on by Director Ahn Pan Seok and screenwriter entrusted to Kim Eun. Initially actress Son Ye-Jin got the main role offer, however, he refused. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of One Spring Night.


Synopsis of One Spring Night

Stories about couples who reach a point in their relationship where they have to think about marriage, which encourages them to examine and appreciate their love in a completely new way.

The couples in their 30s have been dating for a long time and they started talking about getting married. They look back at their relationship and realize their new love.

One Spring Night Synopsis
One Spring Night (봄밤) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

Lee Jung-In, played by Han Ji-Min, is a woman in her 30s. She works as a librarian. She has been dating for a long time with Kwon Ki-Seok (Kim Joon-Han).

She has impressive credentials such as good work as a department head at a bank, a rich family, handsome and smart. Than Lee Jung-In meets Yoo Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-In) and they are falling in love each other. Ji-Ho is a pharmacist who has a warm heart and a single father.


Details of One Spring Night

Title: One Spring Night
Other Title: Bombam / 봄밤 / Spring Night
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32 (to be confirm)
Director: Ahn Pan Seok
Scriptwriter: Kim Eun
Channel Station: MBC
Displayed on: May 22, 2019, every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00


Cast of One Spring Night

Han Ji-Min as Lee Jung-In
Jung Hae-In as Yoo Ji-Ho
Kim Joon-Han as Kwon Ki-Seok
Lim Seong-Eon as Lee Seo-In
Joo Min-Kyung as Lee Jae-In
Song Seung-Hwan as Lee Tae-Hak
Gil Hae-Yeon as Shin Hyung-Sun
Lee Moo-Saeng as Nam Shi-Hoon
Lee Sang-Hee as Song Young-Joo
Yun Seul as Oh Ha-Rin
Oh Man-Seok as Yoo Nam-Soo
Kim Jung Young as Ko Sook-Hee
Ha Yi-An as Yoo Eun-Woo
Seo Jung-Yeon as Wang Hye-Jung
Lee Yu-Jin as Lee Ye-Seul

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