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One Page Love 2019

The newest romantic Dorama series “One Page Love (1 ペ ー ジ の 恋)“, tells the story of the first love story of a woman who likes to draw sketches and is surrounded by 3 good men who make her comfortable. Japanese Drama 1 Peji no koi, based on the winning story of Competition Next Creator’s 2017.

The Japan Drama “One Page Love (1ページの恋)” aired on the AbemaTV channel on February 18, 2019 to February 19, 2019 every Monday at 11 PM. This became a popular Japanese series and received a high rating among school teenagers.

Beautiful actress Hashimoto Kanna became the main player in the drama One Page Love (1 ペ ー ジ の 恋). She plays a girl named Akari, has a hobby of painting. Actor Itagaki Mizuki became the acting opponent of Hashimoto Kanna who played Ikumi.

Furukawa Yuki, known as the cast of Irie in the Japanese top drama “Itazura na Kiss” became the main supporting actor as Hoshino, a man who likes to play with women’s hearts. But he changed when he met Akari.


Synopsis of One Page Love

The Japanese drama “One Page Love” began in the winter 4 years ago, 17-year-old Mizusawa Akari (Hashimoto Kanna) visited Uki Island on a family vacation. She fell in love with Morita Ikumi (Itagaki Mizuki), the son of the owner of the guesthouse. They express their feelings to each other to coincide with meteor showers that occur every four years.
One Page Love Japan Drama
One Page Love (1ページの恋) Synopsis And Cast: Japan Drama

Akari and Ikumi promised to meet again after 4 years to see meteor showers. But after 4 years later, Ikumi didn’t come. But another man named Hoshino Aritoshi (Furukawa Yuki) appears with a camera and stands right next to Akari who is crying. Aritoshi is the type of guy who likes to play with women.

Since childhood Akari likes drawing and now he keeps making sketchbooks. Akari’s childhood friend, Inui Yamato (Hamada Tatsuomi) gave a suggestion that he find something he really wanted to do. He also continued to be supported by his best friend Kohashi Natsuna (Ono Ito).

Who will succeed in stealing Akari’s heart? Ikumi, Hoshino or Inui?


Details of One Page Love

Title: One Page Love
Other Title: Ichi Peeji no Koi / 1 ペ ー ジ の 恋
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 6 (six)
Director: Motohashi Keita
Scriptwriters: Yamashita Subaru and Miura Yoshiaki
Channel: AbemaTV Station
Country: Japan
Released on: February 18, 2019 – February 19, 2019, every Monday at 23:00


Trailer of One Page Love


Cast of One Page Love

Hashimoto Kanna as Mizusawa Akari
Itagaki Mizuki as Morita Ikumi
Ono Ito as Kobashi Natsuki
Hamada Tatsuomi as Inui Yamato
Furukawa Yuki as the role of Hoshino
Takizawa Saori as Hayami Kaori
Moriya Kanna as Kawana Risa
Ashina Sei as Yaginuma Yoriko
Shibuya Kento as Ryuichi
Yagi Arisa as Mina
Taguchi Hiromasa as Akio Akira
Suzuki Maika as Yukari Minase