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No Good Nick 2019

Family Comedy American series Eddie McClintock comedy-mystery Kalama Epstein, Lauren Lindsey, Donzis melissa, Joan Hart, Molly Hagan, on Netflix “No Good Nick” and also Sean Astin, Siena Agudong publicity Ted McGinley

We are with you today with the introduction of No Good Nick, the latest Netflix product, which continues to bring us together with the new series.

No Good Nick, which will consist of 20 episodes in the first season, was unveiled on 15 April 2019, with the first half of the season consisting of 10 episodes. Season two. Half of it is not yet clear.

The creators of No Good Nick are David H. Steinberg and Keetgi Kogan. In the director’s seat, names like Andy Fickman, Bob Koherr and Eric Dean Seaton.

The episode times of No Good Nick, which can be launched as a family comedy with laughter effect, dragged by young players, varies between 25-33 minutes.


Synopsis of No Good Nick

An ordinary day for the Thompsons is about to turn into a day that will change their lives. A sweet 13-year-old girl, claiming to be a distant relative of the family, appears at her doorstep at once with her Suitisas and tells her to live with them. She said she lost her parents in a car accident 6 months ago, stayed in foster care for 6 months, and a relative of the Social Services Directorate came here when he found them. A social worker then comes and verifies Nick’s story. Let’s see how the Thompsons deal with this new member of the family.

No Good Nick Cast
No Good Nick Synospis, Trailer,  And Cast: American TV Serie

Note: I’m going to pass the topic a little superficial in order Not to spoil the first episode. But I’m not going to pass a little bit of character introductions at the bottom. For this reason, those who want to skip that part.

Character Cast of No Good Nick

Nick (Siena Agudong)
Her name is Nicole, but she’s basically using Nick. Nick, she’s not really who she says she is. She is a cheater and her foster parents are working with Sam (Ted McGinley) and Dorothy (Molly Hagan). He’s moving in to rob them with the Thompsons. There is a problem that Nick, a cold-blooded crook/thief and a very good liar, is unable to calculate that the Thompsons welcome her very well, and she quickly welcomes the family. And this is a long way from the inside of Nick, who lacks interest and love. There’s a war between the good and the bad that we’re going to wonder about the winner in Nick. Not to mention that Nick’s moving home is a front for the family to take more care of each other and to spend time with them.

It is possible to remember Agudong from the series like Killer Women, Teachers and Star Falls. You can remember McGinley from the series Hope & Faith and Married with Children.

Molly (Lauren Lindsey Donzis)

The Thompson family’s little girl. She is 13 years old, just like Nick. She’s the most friendly family member of Nick. When Nick moves home, they become roommates. She also welcomes her to the group of friends at school.

Molly is a kid who’s been trying to raise awareness about a lot of things, and she’s obsessed with it. If you say that she really cares about this, or that she is always in the foreground to gain the upper hand of her friend Becky (Kyla-Drew), who is in constant contention, there’s a fine line between those two.

Jeremy (Kalama Epstein)
He is Molly’s brother. A teenager who has plans and programmes for the future and dreams of becoming President of the United States someday.

Jeremy is the only person in the family with doubts about Nick. Every time he sees a suspicious situation with Nick, he’s not neglecting to pursue that suspicion.

Ed (Sean Astin)
Ed, the father of the family. He’s cute, but he’s a cheerful father who can be described as a little stupid, Ed. He’s also extremely optimistic. He’s the family member who’s been in the most friendly way after Molly. Working in a bank, Ed, dealing with the loan.

Liz (Melissa Joan Hart)
Mother of the family. She is the one who’s more in the family, a chef with her own restaurant. She likes to pretend to be the boss at home, just like at work. It’s not possible to say that Nick’s moving home was negative, but he closed the doors completely.

Nick is in prison, the Trickster and her father, Tony as her braggart, is the role of Eddie McClintock, which can be remembered from the series like Warehouse 13, Shooter and Crumbs.


Trailer of No Good Nick


Although not a series that appeals to adult audiences, I’ve watched it with No Good Nick. Siena Agudong, really good show. You try to be angry, Nick, you’re a pretty sweet character. I’d say the quartet they planted around him was well-completed. The subject is simple but fun. If you like the genre, I say give it a chance.

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