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Never Say Never (2019)

Never Say Never (善始善终) is produced by the Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Culture Center, Beijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd., Haining Jun for Tianzuo Film Co., Ltd. 

Never Say Never (善始善终) directed by Song Kai, starring Qin Junjie and Sun Wei, starring Xue Yuwen, Yin Ziwei and Li Kunlin. Criminal investigation.
Never Say Never (善始善终) series was broadcasted on iQiyi on August 21, 2019.


Synopsis of Never Say Never

In the TX training base, Fang Han was saddened to learn that his girlfriend Luo Fei was killed in the execution of the undercover mission. At the same time, the actions of the base to participate in the annihilation of guns and drug dealers were unsuccessful due to unexplained reasons. The casualties were heavy. 
Never Say Never trailer
Never Say Never (善始善终) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
After escaping, Fang Han, the director of the Narcotics Division, Han Chudong Xiaozhi reasoned to decide to take over the unfinished tasks of Luo Fei, go deep into the southern cities, find out the murderer who killed Luo Fei, and smash the drug trafficking organizations in one fell swoop.


Detail of Never Say Never

Chinese Title: 善始善终 (Good Star and Good End)
Production Company: Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Culture Center, Iqiyi, Haining Jun for Tianzhu Pictures
Filming Locations: Inner Mongolia, Yunnan
First Broadcast: August 21, 2019
Director: Song Kai
Screenplay: He Dong, Zhang Fan
Starring: Qin Junjie, Sun Wei, Xue Yuwen, Yin Ziwei, Li Kunlin
Number of Episode: 42
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Criminal investigation, anti-drug
Producer: Yang Wei
Online Platform: IQIYI
Starring: Ma Yubao, Chen Yu
Chief Editor: Wang Zhaonan


Trailer of Never Say Never

Cast of Never Say Never

Qin Junjie as Fang Han
From the special training base was selected to be undercover, and I learned that my childhood friend Luo Fei was killed by the drug lord and vowed to take revenge. For the sake of loyalty, all the way to the enemy, several times to escape, from a young student to a mature and capable undercover, and eventually the drug lords will be wiped out.

Sun Wei as Jin Lanlan

The woman of the arms dealer Jin Guihua, who was not involved in the crime, was controlled by Jin Guihua for a long time. After designing to kill Jin Guihua, she took over the business and became an arms dealer. She secretly loved Fang Han but was not accepted by Fang Han. Be good at using your female advantage.

Xue Yuwen as Gu Tao

The big poisonous cockroach and the head snake in Handan City were the first major criminals to be contacted by Fang Han. Later, under the design of Fang Han, they were accompanied by another big gang fire. After being wanted, they fled to Fangxi and fled to Mars. Ring, the other side is extremely trustworthy, the two have suffered together many times, and the relationship with Fang Han is also an enemy.

Yin Ziwei as Ma Sixuan
Foreign drug lords

Li Kunlin as Han Chudong

Fang Hanis superior leadership, from the selection of the special training base, looked at the Chinese cold and appreciated his talents. During the period of Fang Han undercover, he will be strategizing and providing support and protection. The other side of the cold is like a teacher like a father.

Tian Wei as Qi Xia

Gu Tao is right-hand man, who is not in harmony with Fang Han’s surface, is actually hiding the deepest undercover. He has assisted Fang Han all the time and provided powerful intelligence many times.