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Necessary Dating Education

The latest Korean drama from tvN D Channel “Necessary Dating Education”. This webseries series is also known as the drama “Essential Love Culture”, you can also watch it on Youtube tvN D. The drama is based on the university class which is actually titled “An Introduction to Dating”.

The story is about 6 new students dating and the lessons they learned along the way. Korean drama “Necessary Dating Education” airs starting May 10, 2019, every Saturday and Sunday. The drama stars 3 famous idols.

Park Seo Ham from Kpop “KNK”, Jang Gyu Ri from “fromis_9” and Chuu from K-pop “LOONA” they became the main players in Korean Drama Necessary Dating Education. Newcomer actress Oh Se Young also appeared as the main supporting actor.


Synopsis of Necessary Dating Education

Tells about 6 new students at the university who also get their first experience as a dating partner. 3 boys and 3 girls must date and change partners from time to time.
Necessary Dating Education
Necessary Dating Education (필수 연애 교양) Synopsis And Cast: K-Drama

Among them there are students who are confused and nervous and don’t date, then there are also men who have no dating experience and don’t know anything about dating. They are all couples who are going through new times when they arrive at college.

The beginning of the story starts with Dating Class. 2 The new student arrived late when the Dating class had begun. They are Han Eunsol (Chuu) and Yoon Soo (Park Seo Ham).


Details of Necessary Dating Education

Title: Necessary Dating Education
Other Titles: Essential Love Culture / 
Mandatory Relationship Culture Education / 
Dating Survival Guide
Local Title: 필수 연애 교양
Genre: Romance, School
Episodes: 16 (sixteen)
Director: there is no confirmation
Scriptwriter: there is no confirmation
Station Channel: tvN D
Displayed on: May 10, 2019, every Friday and Saturday at 19:00


Trailer of Necessary Dating Education


Cast of Necessary Dating Education

Park Seo Ham as Yoon Soo
Jang Gyu Ri as Kang Ji Young
Chuu as Han Eunsol
Oh Se Young as Cha Joo Won
Kim Min Chul as Ha Joon
Kim Dong Gyu as Tae Jin