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My True Friend 2019

The latest Chinese drama “My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友)” is one of the most anticipated C-dramas in 2019. Because this drama stars the handsome and famous actor Deng Lun, in April 2019 he also appeared as the second lead in the drama The new Mandarin “Investiture of the Gods”.

This time Deng Lun plays the male lead character, his character is a man who likes to play with women’s hearts. One day he disguised himself and worked as a rookie employee. That’s where his life began to change. The opposite of Deng Lun’s acting as My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友) player, the main woman is Angela Baby, a beautiful actress.

He is known as the lead actor in the drama series “General and I” which aired in 2017. Actor Zhu Yi Long along with Daniela Bessia also appeared as one of the important casts in the Chinese Drama My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友). The series was produced in 2018 and the shooting location was carried out in Shanghai China and Rome, Italy.

Director Zhang Si Lin who worked on this Mandarin drama, He was assisted by script writer Mei Ying Ju. If there are no changes to the scheduled schedule starting in May 2019 on Dragon TV and ZJTV channels. Okay, you can just read the full synopsis of My True Friend.


Synopsis of My True Friend

A story that revolves around novice real estate agents and how to go through each property, they witness the joy and sadness around different families.
My True Friend CAST
My True Friend (我 的 真 朋友) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Cheng Zhen Zhen, played by Angela Baby, is a direct person who wears her heart on her sleeve. Together with Shao Peng Cheng, played by Deng Lun, a young man who likes to play with women while hiding his true identity as the only son of the company president, they start working together in “Love and Family” as a beginner co-worker.

They are assigned to be partners with each other and through their work, they learn many things about life and love. Through work, both of them got to know the world-famous interior designer Jing Ran (Zhu Yi Long), a cool and quiet man, and his mother Bai Ya Ru (Xu Di).

Over time, Zhen Zhen and Peng Cheng began to understand the importance of home and learn how to work together successfully.


Details of My True Friend

Title: My True Friend
Other Title: My Real Best Friend/
Wo De Zhen Peng You / 我 的 真 朋友
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 48 (forty eight)
Director: Zhang Si Lin
Scriptwriter: Mei Ying Ju
Channel Station: Dragon TV
Country: China
Aired on: May 2019


Trailer of My True Friend


Cast of My True Friend

Angela Baby as Cheng Zhen Zhen
Deng Lun as Shao Peng Cheng
Zhu Yi Long as Jing Ran
Daniela Bessia as Italian Ayi
Xu Di as Bai Ya Ru
Tan Kai as Mu Yung Ping
Li Xiao Feng as Zeng Hui Min
Li Xin Yi as Hao May May
Zhang Wan Yi as Fu Xiao Ning

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