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My Classmate from Far Far Away

“My Classmate from Far Far Away (同学两亿岁)” is an urban science fiction network drama based on the novel of the same name. It is supervised by Xu Jinglei, directed by Si Weiwei and Jiang Xiaoxiao, Li Gengxi, Zhu Zhiling, Chang Long, Liang Baoling, Liu Fangyu, Du Shuangyu, Chen Xiyu, Fei Yufeng, Xia Ziwei and Ding Nan starred in the joint performances, Meng Tingyi, He Jie, Li Ai, Zhang Chao and Zhang Yibai.

My Classmate from Far Far Away (同学两亿岁) is a Chinese drama that premiered May 30, 2018, this drama has genre Friendship, Comedy, Romance, School and amounts to 24 Episodes, the main character of the drama “My Classmate from Far Far Away” played by : Zhu Zhi Ling, Li Teresa, Liang Ariel, Ren Bin, Chang Long … And there are still many other people … Next below is a more detailed drama detail and a full synopsis …

My Classmate from Far Far Away (同学两亿岁) tells the high school student Xuan Mo’s chance to be possessed by the Scorpio Marshal Abe Dorri, 200 million years ago, into an invincible “steel straight woman”, and adapt to the life of the earth, experience the joy of ordinary people. A story of growing up after sorrow, affection and friendship.


Synopsis of My Classmate from Far Far Away

Two hundred million years ago, the 32nd generation of the Scorpio Galaxy, Abe Dorri, led the expeditionary army to strangle the enemy and landed on the earth due to an accident. Abe Dorri was in his hometown. After a long wait, her spiritual strength entered the 16-year-old Earth girl Xuan Mo. 
My Classmate from Far Far Away
My Classmate from Far Far Away (同学两亿岁) Synopsis And Cast
In the days of living on earth, Abdullah has incarnate Xuan Mo, and has experienced the true feelings of ordinary human beings, joys and sorrows, love and hate, especially the friendship between the school and the grass, from the stranger to the understanding, according to Light up each other’s youthful years.
Xuan Mo has accumulated more and more emotions on the earth, youth, campus, blood, beauty and bloom, she will all be one. At the same time, she has to fight against the evil forces headed by Lin Guosheng. Everything she does is to work hard to return to the Scorpio Galaxy. But when that day really came, how could she give up the most real emotions? Abdullah finally made his own choice, staying on the earth and guarding everything she loved.


Detail of My Classmate from Far Far Away

Drama Title: My Classmate from Far Far Away
Other Title: Tong Xue Liang Yi Sui, 200 Million Years Old Classmate
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Fantasy
Country: China
Number of Episodes: 24
Show Period: 30 May 2018 – 5 July 2018
Showtimes: Wednesday and Thursday
TV Station: iQiyi
Duration Time: 40 minutes
Ratings: 8.2 / 10 from 102 users


Trailer of My Classmate from Far Far Away 


Cast of My Classmate from Far Far Away

Li Gengxi as Xuan Mo / Abe Duo Rui
Zhu Zhiling as Yi Hailan
Chang Long as Lu Yuchen
Liang Baoling as Tian Jingjing
Liu Fangyu as fan
Du Shuangyu as Erge
Chen Xiwei as A ghost
Fei Weifeng as Lin Guosheng
Xia Ziwei as Li Fang
Luo Yuwen as Kiki
Ding Nan as Tan Luen
Cheng Fangxu Decoration Ala Lei
Wu Jiahui decorated Yi Tianqi
Ren Bin as Tang Jun
Liu Chao as Lu Jianhua
Zhang Zhiguang as Shen Juan
Li Min as Hai Mingyue
Quny Tsering as Abe Dorri
Jin Jie as Ling Yun
Deng Yuwen as Xiaochi