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Mucize Doktor (2019)

When will Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) series begin? Who are the Actors, and What is the Plot Story”

Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor), starring Taner Ölüz, is preparing to meet the audience on FOX TV screens. Details about the series’ story, trailer and cast were also shared. When will the Miracle Doctor, written by Pinar Bulut and Onur Koralp, with Yusuf Pirhasan in the director’s chair and written by Onur Koralp. For those who are curious about the answer in our news…

When does Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) released? question began to be investigated on the search engine. With the arrival of September, new series will be screened. The episode trailer also aroused curiosity. The Good Doctor series is adaptation of Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor) has announced the release date. Production of MF Productions, produced by Faruk Bayhan, Miracle Doctor, when will it start? For those who are curious about the answer in our news…

Mucize Doktor Plot Story
Mucize Doktor: Release Date, Plot Story And The Players

When the series will be released?
Mucize Doktor (The Miracle of Doctor)
will air its first episode on Thursday, September 12th at 08 PM. The poster and the first trailer for the new and ambitious series were also presented to the audience.

What is the plot story?
Ali, a genius with savant syndrome who was born in a city in the countryside and grew up in orphanages after being disowned by his father, lived in a private hospital where he started working as an assistant surgeon after finishing first in medical school. The series “Miracle Doctor” is eagerly awaited.

Who are the players?
The Miracle Doctor squad includes successful actors such as Onur Tuna, Murat Aygen, Sinem Unsal, Ozge Ozder, Hazal Turesan, Bihter Dincel, Firat Altunmeşe, Hayal Köseoglu, Korhan Herduran and Reha Ozcan.