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爱是欢乐的源泉 2019

Love is the source of joy (爱是欢乐的源泉) a.k.a Battle With Woman (和女人的战斗) is an urban emotional drama starring Pan Yiwu, Wang Yaoqing, Yu Mingjia, Mei Ting, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei, Shi Tianqi, and Yan Le.

Love is the source of joy (爱是欢乐的源泉) tells the story of Zhang Hongxing’s encounters with several women in life and career, and has to start the story of life and workplace defense. The series was broadcast on Hubei TV on December 20, 2017.


Synopsis of Love Is The Source of Joy

Zhang Hongxing is a creative director at a small advertising company. For the sake of remarriage, ex-wife Chen Xiaoling sent her daughter back to Zhang Hongxing. Because his mind is active, he is no longer in dispute with the world, so the days are stable and comfortable. Lin Fengying saw her son’s boss is not small, and tried her best to find a wife for her son. Guan Meiyang is a professional headhunter. She wants to dig Zhang Hongxing to a big company. Zhang Hongxing is not willing to accept challenges and pressures, but Guan Meiyang is a person who will never give up. Zhang Hongxing added a mess to Zhang Hongxing, and Zhang Hongxing pulled the Guanmei dress to be his own girlfriend. 
Love Is The Source of Joy
Love Is The Source of Joy Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Guan Meiyang wanted Zhang Hongxing to accept the conditions for job-hopping. When she came to the new company, her boss Zhu Guixiang was a professional woman. She was harsh and harsh, and she was constantly rubbed by Zhang Hongxing, who was used to it. Zhang Hongxing and Wen Lili, director of the media department, were involved in the workplace struggle. The head office sent a female consultant to the human resources, and he was capable of kicking Zhang Hongxing out of the company. Zhang Hongxing was frustrated. With the help of Guan Meiyang, Zhang Hongxing stood at the new company. He and Guan Meiyang also developed love during this period.


Detail of Love is the source of joy

Chinese Title: 爱是欢乐的源泉 (Love is the source of joy)
Other Title: 和女人的战斗 (Battle with women)
Year Production: 2016
Production company: Dongyang Happy Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Happy Source Spring Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.
Filming locations: Qingdao
First Broadcast: December 20, 2017
Director: Pan Yuwu
Starring: Wang Yaoqing, Yu Mingjia, Mei Ting, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei, Shi Tianqi, Yan Le
Number of Episode: 48
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: City, Emotion
Online Platform: iQiyi, Sohu video, Tencent video, Youku video, Mango TV
Release date: June 25, 2019
Satellite Tv platform: Guangdong TV, Shandong TV


Trailer of Love Is The Source of Joy

Cast of Love Is The Source of Joy

Wang Yaoqing as Zhang Hongxing
An advertiser industry elite. His mind is alive, and there is no competition for the world, so the days are stable and comfortable. But a few women around him disturbed his peaceful life, and his emotional life and career became a mess, leaving him exhausted.

Yu Mingjia as Guan Meiyang
Well-known as headhunting, and exhausted the twists and turns for Zhu Guixiang dug to the effective Zhang Hongxing. Not only did she lend a helping hand to Zhang Hongxing at work, but she stepped closer to her heart.

Mei Ting as Zhu Guixiang
A company CEO, strong woman. Being smart and capable, and meticulous in doing things, it is absolutely extraordinary to kill all the way in the workplace. As a leader of the company, she and Lu Ming are also competing for each other because of competition in the industry.

Zhu Dan as Jiang Hui
Jiang Hui, a female teacher who is free and easy, has met the high-quality mature man Zhang Hongxing. The cheerful and lively Jiang Hui had a good impression on Zhang Hongxing and launched a love pursuit. His daring and daring temperament also received the response of the male god.

Geng Le as Lu Ming
A company CEO. Handsome and versatile, he knows the rules of the workplace, knows women, will calculate, and has no disadvantages. In terms of feelings, Lu Ming launched a fierce emotional offensive against Zhu Guixiang. The relationship between the two was entangled, but there were many problems.

Wang Wei as Chen Xiaoling
Zhang Hongxing’s ex-wife. Simple and innocent, some impulsive short-sighted, but also “something to do.” The pursuit of a lover is positive and even radical. When you are in love, you can ignore everything. After you separate it, you will be smashed, and you will have a continuous relationship with Zhang Hongxing.

Zhang Yao as Qi Huan
Yan Meijuan as Lin Fengying
Zhang Chenguang as Duan Zhengfang
Gong Lei as Ding Changjiang
Zhao Yiming as Han Yi
Li Ge as Yang Juan
Liu Di Ni as Duan Wei
Shi Tianqi as Wen Lili
Liang Baoling as Yu Zie
Wang Haowei as Xia Fan
Zhao Jinmai as Zhang Wei
Ren Wei as Shi Hongguang
Gao Wei as Xia Mudi
Chen Jialun as Shang Shang
Chen Xiaoxiao as Zhou Wen