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Lookism (2019)

Lookism (外貌 至上 主义) is the latest 2019 Chinese Drama starring the handsome Korean actor Park Solomon. Of course you still remember it right? He is Jihun in the Revenge Note drama. He joined and appeared as one of the main actors in this latest Chinese Drama.

For actors from China there will be Wayne Zhang, Wang Zi Xuan. who became a supporting actor in the drama Mandarin Deep in My Heart. In this drama Lookism (外貌 至上 主义) Park Solomon will appear as a cast of the same character as Wayne Zhang tablets. For Wayne Zhang is an ugly male figure while Park Solomon is a handsome man.

The plot story of Lookism (外貌 至上 主义) will center on the ugliest man in the school undergoing a miraculous transformation last night that allows him to have two different bodies, thus giving him the chance to start a new life.

Adapted from the South Korean webtoon, Lookism (외모 지상주의) and written and illustrated by Park Tae Joon. Well, now you can read the following plot story or synopsis of Lookism.


Synopsis of Lookism

Tells the story about the ugliest boy in school, Wen Shuai (Wayne Zhang), who finally gets the courage to move out after being intimidated at his home school, finds that he has two very different bodies.
Lookism Chinese Drama
Lookism (外貌 至上 主义) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
One is the original ugly body and the other is the perfect man. Wen Shuai knew that he could switch between two bodies. One body will appear when he wakes up, and the other body will appear when he sleeps.

The secrets of the two bodies completely changed the life of Wen Shuai. He had never been welcomed, started a completely different life, and felt the beauty and comfort that was popular.

At the same time, this handsome body hides a big secret that slowly emerges as the story develops. The original owner of the handsome body, Kris (Park Solomon), immediately woke up, and several mysteries were revealed one by one.


Detail of Lookism

Title: Lookism (2019)
Local Title: 外貌 至上 主义 / Wai Mao Zhi Shang Zhu Yi
Genres: Suspense, School, Youth
Episodes: 38
Director: Wu Jian Xin
Scriptwriter: Wei Yitian, Li Tian, ​​Wu Zhongquan
Channel Station: Tencent TV
Country: China
Showtimes: September 26, 2019,
every Thursday – Saturday at 20:00 CST


Trailer of Lookism


Cast of Lookism

Park Solomon as the “Handsome” Wen Shuai / Kris
Wayne Zhang as the “Ugly” Wen Shuai
Wang Zi Xuan as Tao Qiao
Dino Lee as Gu Qi Guang
Hong Jun Jia as Wa Si Ke
Evan Ma as Chen Hu Bi
Wang Mohan as Su Meng Qi
Zhou Liwei as He Na
Zhuang Sen as Li Zhen Cheng
Deng Zhiyuan as Zhang Zhi Hao