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Listening Snow Tower 2019

The latest web drama series “Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼)” starting on May 6, 2019 at channel Tencent TV every Monday to Thursday at 20.00 pm local time. The Chinese Drama series adapted based on the wuxia novel with the same title.

The play, also known as the “Tingxue Tower”, the script written by Bai Yi Cong that were previously on the popular drama series “Ashes of Love” which tells the story of a Wuxia romance and period of the past. Drama fans Mandarin compulsory watching Chinese dramas Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼).

This Chinese Drama tells about the story of the struggle of Shu Jing Rong and Qing Xiao Yi the fight against the evil sect of a troubling and raises a disaster for everyone. The Players of Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼) is the famous actor Qin Jun Jie and Crystal Yuan who serves as the main character.

In addition to them, the Chinese drama 2019 Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼) is also showing Han Cheng Yu, an actress newcomer Angela Yuen and actor Zhao Dong Ze. The filming lasted for 6 months starting on January 28, 2018 and ending on July 31, 2018.


Synopsis of Listening Snow Tower

Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼) tell the story about a martial arts warrior known as a dragon loved a woman known as the daughter of a blood demon
Listening Snow Tower trailer
Listening Snow Tower (听雪楼) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama
Bai Yuee sect is poison to the human race and the source of the disaster in the world pesolistis. Bai In (He Zhong Hua), Xue Gu (Wang Jiu Sheng), and Xue Mo (Lu Fang Sheng) is a martial arts expert’s three most powerful in Wulin goes hand in hand with Xiao Shi Hui (Fu Cheng Peng) to beat Bai Yue.

Hua Lian (Jessica Hsuan)
, the leader of the sect of Bai Yue, using Holy Bell to interrupt thoughts Xue Mo, thus forcing her to kill his wife with his own hands before taking his own life.

Bai Xue took the orphaned Princess In Mo named Shu Jing Rong (Crystal Yuan) as his disciple. He grew up together with a favorite disciple of Bai Xue, i.e. in the Gu and Xiao Shi Shui’s son, Xiao Yi Qing (Qin Jun Jie). When Jing Rong found that she is cursed by fate that brings misfortune to others, he becomes overwhelmed by guilt.

Shu Jing Rong brought his father’s Blood Rose Sword to join Listening Snow Tower. Together with young master Xiao Yi Qing (Qin Jun Jie), they fought against the Bai Yue Sect


Detail of Listening Snow Tower

Title: Listening Snow Tower
Other titles: Tingxue Tower/ Ting Xue Xue Yin Lou Lou/ 听雪楼
Genre: Wuxia, Fantasy, Romance
Episodes: 56 (fifty-six)
Director: Yin Tao, Liu Guotong
Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong
The TV Station Channel: Tencent
Country: China
Published on: 6 may 2019, every Monday – Thursday at 20.00


Trailer of Listening Snow Tower


Cast of Listening Snow Tower

Qin Jun Jie as Xiao Yi Qing
Crystal Yuan as Shu Jing Rong
Han Cheng Yu as Jia Ruo
Lin Yuan as Xiao Tai Chi
Angela Yuen as Ming He
Zhao Dong Ze as Gao Meng Fei
Jessica Hsuan as Hua Lian
Bai Shu as Huang Quan
Li Ruo Jia as Mo Zi
Zhang Tian as Nan Chu
Lu Fang Sheng as Shu Xue Wei
He Zhong Hua as Bai Di
Cao Xi Ge as Qing Ya
Huang Yang Dian Tian
Shan Hou Pei