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The Best Turkish Series 2019

Television is an indispensable item of television houses in Turkey. As the screens grow, so does the time spent in front of the television screen. In this direction, it is easy to find productions that can be watched for any time of the day.

However, undoubtedly, the most eagerly anticipated evening hours are indispensable for those who love the Turkish Series. Especially with the arrival of winter and the start of new seasons, the evening hours become more exciting. So which shows will mark 2019?

Many television series until we enter 2019, or internet series that we have heard so much about lately are on the agenda. We have listed the most ambitious and best Turkish Series of 2019 for you.

The Best Turkish Sries
List of The Most Popular Turkish Series in 2019

1. Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird)

Production: Gold Film
Episode: 52
Players: Demet Odzemir, Can Yaman
Genre: Drama, Love, Family
Plot Story: Sanem’s father, Nihat, has a grocery store. Sanem (Demet Özdemir) is a young, natural, cheerful and vital young girl who, unlike her older sister, Lale …. Read More

2. Hercai
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: 12
Players: Akin Akinoz, Ebru Sahin
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Plot Story: Miran Aslanbey, who came to Midyat as an Istanbullu businessman, offers more than a partnership to Nasuh Şadoğlu (Macit Sonkan) ….. Read More

3. Halka (The Ring)
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: 19
Genre: Drama, Police
Plot Story: Two young men, two different people, two victims, coming from different places, standing side by side, fighting with stubborn and angry, a piggybank they think of as fate, which they consider a coincidence. …. Read More

4. Kuzgun (The Raven)
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: Season 1 (16th Episode)
Players: Baris Arduç, Burcu Biricik
Genre: Action
Plot Story: Raven is about a revenge story. Love Me With Peace Arduç, Whose star shines with The Love for Hire series, Song of Life, 8. The beautiful actress who has appeared in such series as The Day Is Burcu… Read More

5. Kardeş Çocukları

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: Season 1 (15th Episode)
Players: Mehmet Aslantug, Ayça Bingol
Genre: Drama
Plot Story: Sibling Siblingsiblings are about the intersecting paths of two mothers who have different dreams and lives. Living in a small village with Umran and his daughter Hayat living in Istanbul… Read More

6. Benim Tatlı Yalanım

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Furkan Palalı, Asli Bekiroglu
Genre: Family 
Plot Story: It’s hard being a girl’s father. But it’s even harder to be a smart girl’ mother and father. That’s exactly what Nejat is trying to deal with. Abandoned by his wife… Read More

7. Kimse Bİlmez

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Genre: Drama, Family 
Plot Story: On that day, Sevda was chosen as the face of a brand and approached her dreams of becoming a star. Now she’s shaken by a story he didn’t expect when he thought everything was going to be okay. She finds out that her brother is in the hands of a ruthless mobster named Pilot ….. Read More

8. Tek Yürek (One Heart)

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Genre: Adventure, Action 
Plot Story: Khaled, who lives in Canada, is left alone with his daughter Deniz and son Wind after losing his wife. Ice hockey coach in the team with an event with a player is the last of his career … Read More

9. Behzat Ç.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Player: Erdal Besikcioglu, Nejat Isler
Genre: Police 
Plot Story: Behzat Ç.: An Ankara Police Officer is about the adventures of Behzat Ç. and his team, who work in the homicide bureau ….. Read More

10. Leke

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Burak Sevinc, Melis Sezen
Genre: Drama, Family 
Plot Story: Cem is the deputy ceo of Marine Holdings and is a young businessman. He built his life on a business-oriented order. As a child, he and his brother Arda separated his mother Belkıs and his father… Read More

11. Mucize Doktor

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Taner Ölmez, Onur Tuna
Genre: Medical, Drama  
Plot Story: Based on The Good Doctor, Miracle Doctor tells the story of a special surgeon suffering from autism and savant syndrome….. Read More

12. Şampiyon

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Genre: Drama, Fighting 
Plot Story: The former champion, nicknamed Caucasus, is about the struggle to return to the ring for the Sun, the son of former champion boxer Firat Bölukbasi. While Euphrates gave up his career and said goodbye to the rings, years later his son will go back in the ring for the Sun and say another round….. Read More

13. Zalim İstanbul

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: Season 1 (9th Episode)
Players: Fikret Kushkan, Deniz Ugur
Genre: Drama 
Plot Story: Seher is a young woman living in Antioch with her three children. His and his family’s life is his countryman Agah Karaçay, a leading figure in the logistics industry…..  Read More

14. Zengin ve Yoksul

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Binnur Kaya, Gokhan Alkan
Genre: Drama 
Plot Story: Focusing on the lives of two different families in the rich and poor series, people who get everything they want with their selfishness can not have anything they want in life……. Read More

15. Vuslat
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: 20
Players: Kadir Doğulu, Devrim Özkan
Genre: Drama, Romantic
Plot Story: Vuslat tells the story of a young man who has been through difficult battles with his love journey …… Read More

16. Canevim

Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: 15
Players: Biran Damla Yilmaz, Aras Aydın
Genre: Drama, Family
Plot story: Canevim is about the story of a family that bears the burden of life together. Director of The Chair of Adnan Guler, the screenplay is filiz Alpgezmen, Action Akin and Murat Can … Read More

17. Afili Aşk
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Burcu Uzberk, Çağlar Ertuğrul
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romantic
Plot Story: Working in a textile workshop, Ayse lives a difficult life with her two brothers. Nevertheless, she looks at life beautifully, because she has a perfect and understanding lover like Berk in her life… Read More

18. Yüzleşme
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players: Hande Dogandemir, Engin Ozturk
Genre: Drama, Police
Plot Story: Omar Faruk Sorak sits in the director’s chair of the “Confrontation”, which is the subject of a revenge story. Hande Dogandemir, who starred in the series, plays the character of Masal, while Engin Ozturk….. Read More

19. Her Yerde Sen
Production: Sürec Yapim    
Episode: –
Players Furkan Andic, Aybuke Pusat
Genre: Comedy, Romantic

Plot Story: The story of a young woman and a man who claims to be in the same house, a young woman who doesn’t know each other. Selin and Demir, who do not know each other, suddenly find themselves in the same house….. Read More

20. Bir Aile Hikayesi
Construction Process    
Episode: Season 1 (12nd episode)
Players:Furkan Andıç, Aybüke Pusat
Genre: Drama, Family
Plot Story: Like Life, it tells the story of four people who turned 35. Forty-five people are at the crossroads of their lives. Cem, with his beloved wife Reyhan birth….. Read More

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