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New Turkish Series 2020

What are the new series that will begin the 2020-2021 season?

Series that will begin in the new season of 2020 and 2021, which we will try to examine in this topic and we will provide brief information. Every day a new series begins on television screens, and most of the series is unplugged. The TV world has been going through a very difficult time lately. At least 20 and 30 episodes were aired when a series was aired at first. But the competition in the market has also increased. Now they’re in danger of making finals the day the series starts. Because there’s a new show every day. If the new show gets low ratings, if it takes it off the air, it’s ready to replace it.

New shows on the channels are losing as they get low ratings. That’s why he doesn’t want to extend the new series too long, and the day is coming. They’re entitled to a maximum of four chapters to prove themselves. In the process, if it still doesn’t rise in the ratings, the network is pulling the plug on the show. He’s going to take the final episode off the air without even airing it.  They’re right on the channels, but it’s not easy for a show to be prepared and sold to the channels. How many people from a show eat bread? So we hope that next season will be given more chances.

Turkish Series in 2021
List of New Turkish Series in 2020-2021 Season

Starting in 2020-2021, the new series will be broadcast in the new season in 2020 and 2021. In fact, there are many series reaching us 2020-2021 Season will begin but we will give you more information with the certainty of these New Series. We wanted to open up a topic with the names of new series and general stories. We’ve rounded up the series that’s going to be broadcast in the new season on one thing. As new series come out, it will be added to the continuation of our location.


2020 2021 New Season Turkish Series Are:

Patron (The Boss) series Tims&B Productions will carry the signature of The Director’s Chair Yağız Alp Akaydın will sit. A name has been discussed for the lead role in the boss series. The boss series show will be broadcast on TV screens. It is scheduled for release in September 2019. He also starred in the series Burak Deniz Boss, which aired this season and will be the finale at the end of the season. 

Pastel Film is producing the Phoenix series. The Phoenix series will soon be on the screens. Can Sinan will write the screenplay for The Phoenix series. Cemal Şan is also directing the phoenix series. Filming of the Phoenix series takes place in Cappadocia. No channel has been set yet for the Phoenix series. The cast of The Phoenix phoenix was also not clear. As the cast of the new series becomes clearer, we will share it with you. We share the general characteristic of the Phoenix. We’re guessing that’s what the show’s going to be about.  Phoenix is a species of bird. Some legends say it’s a winter that can fly up the top of The Kaf Mountain and live for 500 years in some legends. It is also rumored that it has the ability to communicate with immortality and other birds.

ES Film, which has prepared series for TRT1, has also embarked on a new series for Trt1 in the new season. Kenan Imirzalioglu will star in the series of malfunctions is very curious information about. There is no other name for the fault sequence cast other than Kenan Imirzalioglu. One wonders who will be the lead partner of Kenan Imirzalioglu. What is the general story of the breakdown sequence who is the director of the director?


Trt1 is preparing fast for the new season. BSK Construction is preparing a new project for Trt1. A name has been finalized for the lead role of the series, which is called Champion. Tolgahan, who married Almeda Abazi and most recently starred in The Never Give Up, won the new series Of The Census Champion. The director of the champion series is unclear at this time. However, it will be shared on the subject when it becomes clear. BSK Productions for TRT for the director of the series Champion, nicknamed Ketche Hakan Kirvavaç is said to have shaken hands. The series about the story of father and daughter tolgahan treasurer’s son to play the child actor was revealed yesterday…

The range of servants is a project made abroad. The maids series was aired in Mexico and was highly acclaimed. The servants, originally called Polvode Estrallas, received the rights to the Series factory production in Turkey. The producer of the series of servants was Proposition Arslanel. The maids series script and cast work is said to be ongoing. The subject of the series of servants; Four Latinmaids live in the homes of rich people. The number of servants, which was 5 first, is reduced to 4 by the death of 1 maid during a big party. The maid’s death is blamed on the male maid in the house and the case is covered up.

MF Productions’ adaptation series From The Good Doctor series Miracle Doctor will air on Fox TV in September. Yusuf Pirhasan sits in the director’s chair while the Miracle Doctor series MF Productions carry its signature. The Miracle Doctor script is written by Pinar Bulut. The Miracle Doctor has not yet been understood with any actors for the series. When it becomes clear that the players who held the interviews are made, we share them with you. Miracle Doctor series is the subject; The lives of doctors will be the subject of personal hospitals and private lives.

One of the series planned to be broadcast on TRT screens is an Oriental Tale series. The historical texture of the city will be used in an Oriental Tale produced by the base and planned to take place in gaziantep province and it will be a beautiful series of eastern culture. Especially after the hercai series aired on ATV screens received very high ratings, it is expected that this series called An Oriental Tale will be released and will be of great interest as interest in the eastern series has increased. Cem Akcomce is the director of the series, while the information about the cast has not yet been clarified, so we do not have any more detailed information about an Oriental Tale series. An Eastern Tale series is scheduled to air on TRT 1 screens in 2020-2021.

One of the shows expected to air on show TV screens will be the North Star. In the new season, show TV will meet with the audience in the North Star series signed by Process Film will be filmed in the Army. Ersoy Guler will write and direct the series, separated from his wife and settled in the Black Sea with his 3 daughters will be carried to the screen the colorful story of a man. The North Star series is considered one of the most serious projects planned to be broadcast on Show TV screens, starting in September 2019 and continuing throughout 2020.

Ersoy Guler, who will also direct the new bride series, will be directed by the series, which will begin in 2019. It will be produced by Process Film, which is also preparing the new bride series. Detailed information about the plot and cast of the North Star series is not yet available, but the North Star series may be a series about an impossible love. The North Star series, which will begin preparations in September 2019, is scheduled for january 2020. As long as the cast of The North Star is clear, we’ll write to you separately.

One of the shows that is expected to air on Kanal D screens is the left side series. The series, which will begin preparations in 2019, is expected to air in 2020. Hamdi Alkan’s new series, which has been away from the screen for a long time, will sit in the director’s chair of the series on my left side. Kanal D didn’t get much out of the shows he ran in 2019 because of his early finale scoring in a very low ratings and advertising revenue, which came to us when he thought about Left Side for 2020 and 2021 after 2019.

The left side series hamdi alkanLeft Side series will be one of the series that will be screened on Kanal D in 2020. The series will be written by Melis Civelek, who has previously written the series as The War of the Roses Forbidden apple and a hope is enough. We can’t provide you with any more detailed information about the Left Side series, but as we get new information about the series, we will continue to write to you on this page and add them to the new series starting in 2020-2021.

 The Series Of Beginning and End bears the signature of Erler Film. The series, based on the book Beginning and Last, will be adapted from the Book Of Beginning and Last by Nobel Prize-winning author Necip Mahfuz. Egyptian Necip Mahfuz, author of The Beginning and The Last. Let us share with you the summary of The Beginning and End of The Egyptian Necip Mahfuz. We may have estimates of the series from the book summary.

Start and End book summary; It tells the story of the catastrophes that happened to a small family of civil servants living in Egypt and Cairo in the 1930s. Ali Bey, head of the Kamel family in The Beginning and The End, has an unexpected heart attack.   Then his wife and children will struggle for a difficult life. That’s a brief summary of the book. We share the cast information of The Beginning and End.


Su and Hafiz are among the series that are generally uninformationed. Su and Hafiz series will be broadcast on the channel actors are not yet certain, but the new season is expected to take place on television screens. Water and Hafiz series Caglar Ertugrul and Pinar Sea Ages were taken to offer. However, Caglar Ertugrul afili is starring in the television series Love. He’ll probably be in Su and Hafiz if the show makes it to the finals. Talks are also under way with Mustafa Ugurlu for the Su and Hafiz series.

The director of the medallion series is Mustafa Shevki Dogan and bears the signature of Process Film. The cast of the medallion series is not yet clear. Medallion series actors will share their information with you in our topic. Details of the medallion series will be added to our topic. While the medallion series will soon be on the screens, the desktop work has not yet been completed.

The Minefield series will soon be on the screens. Minefield series will be directed by Omer Faruk Sorak, one of the most famous directors of T Company, one of the most important production companies of our country, the cast and channel of The Minefield series has not yet been clarified. We will continue to share details about the May Field series. There is no new development in the Minefield series at this time.

The poor series ntc production signature, while the actor negotiations are continuing. Hulya Avşar and Selcuk Method are interviewed for the actors of The Losers series. If they agree, there’s a great cast coming for the Losers show. With its experienced staff, we will wait and see if the Losers series is similar to the one in Yeşilçam or if it will be a different project. As long as the details of the series of losers are clear, we will share them with you.

Netflix, the internet television platform, plans to launch a new series in the new year. After the Hakan Guardian series, a new series, The King Loses, will be on Netflix screens. The cast’s director for the Netflix series If the King Loses is not yet clear. Although the lead actors are not yet clear, beren saat, Engin Akyurek, Belçim Bilgin and Mert Altinişık are currently being interviewed. If the King Loses, the series is said to be an adaptation of Gülseren Budayicıoğlu’s royal kirabif. As we become clearer, we will share the information with you in our topic.

The Real Lies series has 25 movie signatures. Real Lies series screenwriter Toprak Karaoglu. The series of True Lies came up for a while and was later shelved. When it comes up again, the cast and other shortcomings will be completed. We will share information about the series of True Lies with you as it becomes clearer.

The series, which will be published with the writing and directing of Selcuk Aydemir, stars comedy masters Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir. Ahmet Kural Murat Cemcir, who has previously set records with cinema films, will now come up with a new series. Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir’s new series Organization, which previously played together on Sister Share and Jobs Powers series and made everyone laugh, will probably be broadcast on TV8 screens. The home at TV8 will please all viewers when the house starts shortly.

The show is being prepared by Tims&B Production, a peace series planned to be broadcast on TV screens. Şebnem Aksoy Openal writes the screenplay for the peace series. The series will tell both family stories and mafia stories. The topic of the peace series is; The story of a wealthy mafia family and the return of a stockbroker man will be told. We’ll share the details of the peace sequence as we come in.

Preparations are under way for the series of Those Who Run on Fire, which will tell the lives of 5 women doing the firefighting profession. The Series Of Those Who Run to The Fire is being produced by Limon Film. Casting work for the series Of Fire Runners, which describes the challenges of the firefighting profession and how women struggle with the challenges, is accelerating the search for actors. Young dynamic actors will be selected because firefighter women will be told in The Runners on Fire. FoxTV is scheduled to appear on the screen of the series continues to work on the desktop. We will continue to share new information with you.

The moon and sun series bears the signature of Es Productions. The Moon and Sun series, designed for Channel 7, will be broadcast as a foreign adaptation. Channel7 has been making an audience of Indian series for two seasons. Indian soap operas are loved by Turkish audiences. The Moon and Sun series will also be an Indian series adapted. When it becomes clear what the directory tells the information of foreign actors, we will share them with you.


KanalD’s new season projects, which are only in the project phase, there is no development related to the Series of The Gorand. The show is shelved. We will continue to share developments about the intrepid series.


One of the series prepared by Q3 media in the new season will be the Dynasty series. If the King Loses, cast work is expected on similar dates, as the series will also be a Q3 media series. Although not many details about the Dynasty Series, it is thought to be broadcast on the Net flix platform at some point, but since this platform is not yet very widespread in our country, there is talk that the Dynasty Series will be broadcast on one of the TV channels. We will continue to provide you with all the developments and details about the Dynasty Series and its actors here. Who are the cast of the Dynasty Series

Yusuf and Courage will be produced by Q3 media, as will the previous series, Dynasty. The series of Joseph and Courage will be a full period series, a series with a master theme of courage and heroism, and a beautiful love story in The Joseph and Courage. This series is likely to be filmed in our Army province or Trabzon, like the North Star. If anyone in these provinces wants to take part in Yusuf and Courage, they can contact Q3 media. Since these series will need supporting actors, they are experienced and confident can comment below.

Yusuf and Courage series actors will summarize the cast of Yusuf and Courage and we will share them here when the subject reaches us. The story of Yusuf and Courage will be set in the Black Sea. Provincial and district elections will be held in the future.

The first episode of The Selena, which aired in 2006, lasted for three years and was a much-loved one. Selena had made the finale after three years of the series, but when the episodes were still being watched and getting serious ratings, the producers could no longer remain indifferent and it was decided to remake The Selena. Preparatory work for the 2019-2020 season will be completed and the new casting is ongoing for the series, which is said to be a huge demand for the series, and many players want to take part in the series. Selena Series will restart in 2020, most likely the channel will again be atv. Atv, which does not have a series on Saturdays or Sundays, will soon bring its viewers together with the Selena series, which is preparing to reshoot for children and children.

The series Beyond Sorrow came up about 3 years ago, but could not be filmed because the actors could not come together. Although the names of Fahriye Evcen and Kadir Oriental are mentioned for The Beyond Sadness, it is difficult for these actors to come together for the time being. Fahriye Evcen, who is scheduled to appear in Beyond Sadness, is not expected to take part in APostive Or any other project anytime soon, as she has recently given birth to a child. However, with the growth of her baby, only in 2020 for the beautiful actress who will be able to appear in a series that will be released in 2020, the series Beyond Sorrow is waiting because it is said that the script of the series will be most lyrical to be fit a beautiful actress like Fahriye Evcen. Kadir Doğulu, on the other hand, started last season with the series Vuslat trt1 screens on Mondays because of the role of the new series, it seems difficult to move to the cast of The Beyond The Sadness in the near future. However, if Kadir finishes The Orient’s Vuslat series and Fahriye Evcen raises her baby a little, filming Beyond Sadness for the 2020-2021 season may begin. Fahriye Evcen and Kadir Oriental series beyond Sadness

Expected to begin the 2019-2020 season, we will present you detailed information about the cast and characters of Rize’s Way series. However, first of all, we should mention that we have not yet received detailed information about the actors of the series, which is still in the project stage, about the Rize’s Path series. However, let us say in advance that there will be a series in the style of The Tell You Black Sea series, which will take place in a lot of black sea-specific conversations. You tell me what was taken in Trabzon, the 3rd part of the Black Sea. After the season’s declining ratings, a similar series will be implemented as Rize’s Way.


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