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Let Me Understand Your Language

Let Me Understand Your Language (让 我 听懂 你 的 语言) is the latest Chinese drama series released from March 20, 2019 on the CCTV channel. The C-Drama Series has 36 episodes of duration and ends on the upcoming 31 March 2019.

The latest Chinese Drama “Let Me Understand Your Language (让 我 听懂 你 的 语言)” tells of the love journey of a man who met his love of a dai girl. But the struggle to get a woman is not easy. The Chinese drama by PD director Sun Yanhua aired every day at 7:30 p.m. local time.

The handsome and famous Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu is the main player in the drama series. He was previously known to have starred in the popular Taiwanese drama in 2015 Marry Me, or Not ?. Opponent of acting from Roy Chiu is actress Mi Kira. She will play the character of a girl from the Dai tribe.

Apart from those Chinese dramas also starring Wang Wei Hua, Chen Jie, Yuan Wei and Wang Shuai. The filming began since November 18, 2015 at Manting Park and ended in March 2017. Shooting locations in Xishuangbanna, Laos and Shanghai. Okay, now you can read synopsis of let me understand your language.


Synopsis of Let Me Understand Your Language

A story focused on a man named Xu Hao Ning, played by Roy Chiu to find a new way of life after he felt affection and fell in love with a woman Dai. He fell in love with a man named Yu Bo played by Mi Kira and he began to respect the culture of the Dai community, their positivity and philosophy towards nature and life.
Let Me Understand Your LanguagE
Let Me Understand Your Language (让 我 听懂 你 的 语言): Chinese Drama

Xu Hao Ning began to pour his thoughts and focus on protecting rainforests and animals. Xu Hao Ran never expected to fall in love with an Dai girl and she never imagined that falling in love would be very difficult.

Yan Long (Yuan Wei) also likes the girl, he is from the same tribe as Yu Bo. Besides that, Yu Bo’s aunt turned out to be the woman he had left behind for a long time. Even when he found a solution to his problem, it was said that loving was easy but staying together was difficult. Will he overcome the challenge with the woman he loves?


Details of Let Me Understand Your Language

Title: Let Me Understand Your Language
Other Titles: Dong Wo Yin Ni De Yu Yan / 让 我 听懂 你 的 语言
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 36 (thirty six)
Director: Sun Yanhua
Scriptwriter: Sun Yanhua
Channel Station: CCTV
Country: China
Displayed on: March 20, 2019 – March 31, 2019, every day at 19.30


Trailer of Let Me Understand Your Language


Cast of Let Me Understand Your Language

Roy Chiu as Xu Hao Ning
Mi Kira as Yu Bo
Wang Wei Hua as Zhang Ze Shang
Chen Jie as Zhang Meijia
Yuan Wei as Yan Long
Wang Shuai as Du Bi
Li Chunai as Yi Dan
Zhuang Xiabo as Xiao Xia

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