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Leke in English

Leke (The Stain) new Turkish series synopsis, cast, trailer and characters became apparent ….

Leke (The Stain) sequence was revealed after sharing the details of the series of players. The highly anticipated project of Kanal D screens will include significant players from each other. So what is the synopsis of Leke (The Stain) series and what are the characteristics of the players involved in the project?

The release date of Leke (The Stain) series, announced Tuesday (April 16th), began on Wednesday (March 20th). Ayfer Tunç, the screenwriter of the series to be aired on Kanal D screens, had previously captured a very big fame with the series Aliye. The series will be directed by the famous director Metin Balekoğlu.

Tims & B produced for the summer season 2019 for the role of the female lead of Leke (The Stain) series Melis Sezen for the male leading role in the series of words was understood with the star Burak Sevinç.

The story of Gökhan Şeker and Ezgi Gör will be directed by Çağatay Tosu in Leke (The Stain) series Jasmine and Cem’s love for the difficulties.


Synopsis of Leke (The Stain)

Yasemin (Melis Sezen)‘s story started in Germany and found herself in the land of life in the ups and downs. But she was not afraid of living, she managed to enter law school. It is now both read and working. Her only goal in life is to take custody of her deaf brother who grows up in a foster home because her father is different. On the one hand, she saves money for her brother Murat’s operation.
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Leke (The Stain) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Cem (Burak Sevinç)
is one of the older two children of a wealthy family. When she was a child, his mother Belkıs and his father had been witnessing an event that had underbeen their lives… Cem is a successful, brilliant man in his business. But because of what happened in the past, women are distant and insecure.

Jasmine and Cem‘s life; It crosses an event on the organization night of Cem’s company. Two broken Hearts, two wounded souls… A pure love that tries to flourish between dark secrets, ambition, intrigue… Pride or Triumph, love?


All Episode of Leke (The Stain)

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Trailer of Leke (The Stain)


Cast of Leke (The Stain)

Burak Sevinç as Cem Yenilmez
Cem Yenilmez
is a confident, remarkable, respected, young, single job. Deputy CEO of Marine Marine Holding. Someone who seems quite distant from the outside. He doesn’t like anything that has a distant connection with sentimentality. He doesn’t believe in the family description. He doesn’t believe in love. She doesn’t trust women. His whole life is business. Success is more important to him than anything. Winning is the only purpose in life. And the ambition of winning is not really about the money. Because he’s rich enough. Winning has become a habit that he can’t get ahead of, and he can do it very easily. This world, which Cem has established himself, is being topfaced with Jasmine’s emergence. Because Jasmine doesn’t look like any woman she knows, and she’s all over Cem’s memorizes.

Melis Sezen as Yasemin
Yasemin is a  beautiful, elegant, clear woman, Jasmine. It’s not possible to be in the same environment as him and not notice him. Besides being beautiful, what makes it different is the posture. Jasmine is a hard-working, stubborn, determined young woman who lives with her own truths, is honest, unwary, advocating for the end of what she believes. He grew up in an orphanage with his brother Murat. Murat doesn’t hear the ears. He’s trying to get custody of Murat. Meanwhile, he’s saving up for Murat’s surgery. He studies law and also works for an organization company. She met the day she came to the orphanage.

Selen Uçer as Serpil Zengin
Serpil Zengin is the children of a bad family torn apart with Birkan. There’s nobody else in this life. They both love each other and gouge each other’s eyes out. Serpil owns an organizational company.

Mehmet Bozdoğan as Birkan Atılgan
Birkan Atılgan is Serpil’s brother. He’s smart, but he’s a dirty cop who uses his intelligence to evil. You lack empathy. She wants to keep all the people around her own control. Ruthless to anyone who wants to get out of control. But when it comes to stronger people than himself, he’s very resourceful about submission to authority.

Tolga Güleç as Mehmet Tuna
Mehmet Tuna
is young business man. Deputy CEO of Marine Marine Holding. A man who comes from a very good environment, well-educated, but his ambition transcends himself. Cem is his only rival in life.

Tuğçe Acikgoz as Şirin Acar

A sympathetic, beautiful girl. Best friend of Jasmine’s orphanage. He’s not doing anything wrong on purpose. But if it’s hard, he’s thinking of his own interest. Not as smart as Jasmine, educated or equipped. The only job he could find is the stand modelling work at Serpil’s company…

Selahattin Paşalı as Arda Yenilmez
Arda Yenilmez
is a violent, rebellious, arrogant, angry young man. He’s an economics student for years in a private university. His aunt Ferhan was a mother to Arda. Arda brother grew up in the shadow of Cem. As time passed, he was crushed under the power of Cem’s achievements, character. She feels like nothing to her brother. That’s why he’s always furious with his brother.

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