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Le Coup de Foudre 2019

Chinese latest Drama Series 2019 “Le Coup de Foudre (我只喜欢你)“. This series is adaptation based on the novel of the author’s own original story. Premiered on April 29 to 27 May 2019 2019, each Monday through Friday local time.

The Chinese Drama Le Coup de Foudre (我只喜欢你) was previously known under the title “Love at First Sight”. Is a romantic serial storytelling on a pair of Yan Qiao Yi Mo and that makes the story of romansanya sitting on the bench since middle school, work up to the altar of marriage.

Le Coup de Foudre (我只喜欢你) player is famous actress Janice Wu who also became a film actor of Chinese drama “The Brightest Star in the Sky”. Handsome actor Zhang Yu Jian became the actor in the drama “Love at First Sight”, he starred in the play “Ice Fantasy”.


Synopsis of Le Coup de Foudre

Le Coup de Foudre (我只喜欢你) tells the story of an ordinary girl and her classmates from high school to University, to enter the workplace and get married. They both tell the story of the romance of it as a happy couple.
Le Coup de Foudre (我只喜欢你) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Zhao Yi Qiao played by Janice Mo Yan and Wu played by Zhang Yujian is a classmate in high school. One of the bad students in lessons while the other is a student excels in every way.

They are both equally promised to study abroad together. An incident occurred and made no Yi Qiao can continue on to College. Even after graduating Qiao Yu also lost cash with A Mo.

4 years then when school reunion, they met again. Zhao Qiao Yi still had the feeling against him, He decided to move to the city of Mo Yan’s friend worked. Although Yan Mo clever on everything, but he is not good at in expressing his feelings. Yan Mo, silently, do a lot to Yi Qiao. Will both be together?


Details of Le Coup de Foudre

Title: Le Coup de Foudre
Other titles: Love at First Sight/I Only Like You/我只喜欢你
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 35 (thirty-five)
Director: Wang Zhi
Screenwriter: Ming Yuan Shao Zi
Channel Station: QQLive, Youku, Tencent
Country: China
In the publish on: 29 April – 27 May 2019 2019,
every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


 Trailer of Le Coup de Foudre Eps 1


Cast of Le Coup de Foudre

Zhang Yu Jian as Mo Yan
Janice Wu as Qiao Yi
Zhao Zhi Wei as Zhao Guan Chao
Ma Li Hao as Wu Yi
An Ge as Fei Da Chuan
Zhang Yueying as Cheng You May
Xie Yutong as Ding Sheng Nan