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Kimse Bilmez In English

Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) series on ATV screens on Tuesday, June 11th at 20.00. No one knows the filming of the series began on April 5, 2019. Here is Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) synopsis, trailer and character cast ….

The director of the series, who is produced by Baba Yapım Medya, will sit Eagle Çidamese in the chair. The screenplay of the series Hakan Kandal writing will be the producer Muharrem Gürer. Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) series will come to the screens as a summer series. If the array holds, it will be on the screens continuously.

The name of the series expected to be on screens in May was announced as Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows). It was announced that the series would be published previously as Ali Ve Sevda. Previously named after a Ali Ve Sevda, Kerem Cem and the new series of the original name of the Burcu Biricik was confirmed as the player. The episode was completed and the name of the series was decided.


Synopsis of Kimse Bilmez

Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) is the different features in the series, Ali, is an expert in electronics. Seeing very well in the dark, Ali hides his identity and is employed by the state after losing his family at a small age. Ali loses his lady and child because of his work. Ali is therefore constantly blaming himself. 
Kimse Bilmez Synopsis
Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama
Ali takes care of the neighborhood’s young people in the neighbourhood where he moved to build a new life, and now everyone in the neighborhood calls himself Ali Hodja. Sevda, who escaped from Uygar while sitting in Ali’s house, is stored in Ali’s house. He meets Ali Hoca Sevda and then experiences the impossible love story of Sevda and Ali.


Cast of Kimse Bilmez

Kerem Cem as Ali Hüroğlu
His full name is Keremcem Dürük. He was born on December 28, 1977 in the Milas district of Muğla. During his high school years he was introduced to the music due to his predisposition to the guitar and finished his first composition in 1996. In 2001, he met Aykut Gürel with the hand of Yonca Evcimik. He graduated from the International relations Department of Ege University and won the best debut Artist award with his debut album “Eylül”. In 2005, he played the lead role in the series of Keremcem Aslı Kerem. Finally he married the player Seda Güven in 2014 on 13 November in the ability to play the character of Ates in O Hayat Benim series, but divorced after 9 months.

In the series of Kimse Bilmez (No Body Knows), Ali lost his family at a young age, an agent with extraordinary abilities. He has superior abilities in repairing sight and electronic appliances in the dark. But Ali will lose his family for his job. Ali will meet Sevda when he moves to a neighborhood to get away from anything. A love will live with Ali Sevda.

Ali pulls a sponge into his past and settles in an edge neighborhood, but one night, while escaping from Sevda Uygar, Ali’s house is stored and Ali and Zeynep’s life change in a moment. The only purpose of Ali Hüoğlu, whose name is Ali Hocaya, with his kindness in the neighborhood, is to find his brother. After that night, Ali and Sevda’s impossible love story begins.

Özgü Kaya as Sevda Eğilmez

Ozgu Kaya, who we know as Zeynep in the series of Mehmetçik Kutlu Amare, was born in Istanbul in 1996. The 23-year-old young talent experienced his first acting experience by playing the character Sibel in his name Legend series. He continues his education life at the Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Sevda is a beautiful girl full of life.  Having dreamed of being famous, Sevda’s brother finds himself in the hands of a ruthless mafia called Pilot, and he has a great shock. If he can’t find money, he learns that his brother is going to die. While escaping from civilised, he wants to save her from Sevda Ali, who has been stored in Ali’s house and begins the impossible love story of Ali and Sevda.

Engin Hepileri as Uygar Sarıkaya
Kara Ekmek in the series of the character of Taylan, Engin Hepa was born on March 3, 1978 in Istanbul. He was a graduate of the Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre department. The player who takes part in many theatrical plays is also a voiceover artist. Finally, he is married to the famous actress Beyza Şekerci, who has starred in the series named Sen Benimsin.

Uygar Sarıkaya is a cunning and handsome man in love with Sevda.  Civilized, who has achieved everything he has ever wanted, has no tolerance for losing. He does not hesitate to turn all sorts of intrigue on the path to the civilized target. Civilized is cruel, and he doesn’t think of anyone but himself.

Zeynep Elçin as Duygu

Zeynep Elçin 1990 was born in Gaziantep and is 29 years of age. He’s been in the art community for 4 years. Zeynep Elçin, 53 kg, 1.68 cm tall, fled from child marriage and went to take acting trainings in Izmir. Zeynep Elçin is the first series of honorary matter. He then succeeded in showing himself in the series on the day of my destiny’s writing. The heart of the wind, the time of migration and the Warrior is among the important sequences. He’s never been in the leading role before.

Duygu in the series is a pharmacist. She’s a beautiful girl who loves Suleyman.

Cenk Torun as Hakan

The lead actress of the Mad Bediş, Cenk Torun was the son of the famous actress Nurdan Torun. He was born in Ankara on March 24, 1974. He was the first to face the TV with star Tilbe’s lad clip. Cenk Torun, who starred in many series and films, has finally played the character Oguz Kervancıoğlu in the series named Sen Koy. Ravi Thakur Nevin is married to Ursavaş and has children named Şan.

Hakan is a bad-hearted man in the series.

Zehra Yılmaz as Tuğçe
Zehra Yilmaz, who will play the character of Tuğçe in the series nobody knows, was born on June 25, 1994 in Istanbul. The 25-year-old Zehra completed his education at Marmara University. The basement tale is his first acting career. Finally, he played the character Melisa in the series of Tears of Heaven.

He is the best friend of Tuğçe Sevda in the series. Although they are very similar to each other, there are differences. Tuğçe is jealous of Sevda.

Kimse Bilmez Promotion Trailer

Yigit Koçak  as Sinan

Yiğit Koçak is a 24-year-old handsome young man born in 1995. Yiğit Koçak, a graduate of Samsun Anatolian High School and then academy 35.5, wants to be a successful player. Yiğit Koçak, a student of economics and Finance Department of Baheşehir University, is the phenomenon of Vine. He is the brother of Sinan Sevda. He is a handsome and popular young man.

Şerafettin Alakent as Nihat
Şerafettin Alakent is the phenomenon of Youtube.  Previously, he appeared in the series “Cry Anne” and Gif.  He graduated from Istanbul Aydın University, Department of Sineme and television. He took acting classes at the Academy 35 and half and served in Istanbul City theatres.

Fatih Doğan

Fatih Doğan was born in Istanbul on December 25, 1989. He graduated from Konya Selçuk University Cinema Radio and television department. Fatih Doğan Delirious Dershane, who has been assisting the Reji for 4 years, has experienced the first acting experience with Abidin character in the university.

Burak Serdar Şanal as Pilot Süleyman
Burak was born in Istanbul on 28 August 1988, when he was acclaimed for his character in Avruva Avruva series. Burak, who receives drama education at Maltepe University, is the first to come up with the character of Koray in Küçük Kadınlar series. Peri Masalı, Bahar Dalları and Dinle Sevgili that shows in the beloved series has finally gained great acclaim with the wind character in the series of heart of the wind.

He is a brother of the mafia leader of Süleyman Ali in the series. A charismatic and dashing man, Solomon is an unstable type, when he is unpredictable. In fact, it seems like a ruthless mafia, but he’s a compassionate man.

Selda Özbek as Duygu’s mother

Selda Ozbek, known as Aslı in the series Selena; He was born in Izmir on 15 April 1972. Having graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Anadolu University State Conservatory, Selda is also a theatre actor. Our parents played the wife of Aykut Oray, known as the murderer. The experienced player who plays in the series such as Yahşi attraction and Baba Candır is married and has a child.

Hakan Altıner as Duygu’s father
He was born in Istanbul on 9 May 1952. He completed the Istanbul Law School and then the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory Theatre department. The player who starred in many theaters and films played the character of Şahap in Istanbullu Bridal series. She is married to Silk Kadilar.

Kubilay Penbeklioğlu as Sevda’s father
Kubilay Penbeklioğlu was born on February 1, 1967 in Ankara. He graduated from the acting Department of Language history geography. Akasya stop, the player who plays in the series like the Sea in my heart has the signature of many films. Kubilay is also a voice actor. 

Adnan Biricik
Adnan Biricik was born on June 9, 1959 in Istanbul and graduated from the Ankara State Conservatory, Department of Theatre. Finally, Mehmed: a Cihan conqueror and Bandit has appeared in the series of the world ruler.

He’s the head of intelligence. He’ll do his best to return Ali to the profession.

Onur Dikmen
Born on 2 July 1981 in Istanbul, Onur Dikmen graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theatre department. He starred in the big meeting, the secrets World and the neighborhood’s muhtars. Finally, he played the character of Akif in the series of Can fractures.

Ege Ares Şiranlı
Ege Ares Shiranlı is also an indispensable face of advertisements. LC Waikiki has been the advertising face of brands like Bingo. Ege Ares Siranlı Leyla Sirin Agency is working within.

Poyraz Bayramoğlu
Poyraz Bayramoglu was born on November 1, 2008 and is under 11 years of age. The child player with a height of 1.40 cm is the first school student. Previously, every Sevda one Veda and my husband’s family starred in the series Poyraz Bayramoğlu never gave up.

Ferdi Kurtuldu
Ferdi Kurtuldu 1980 was born in Istanbul and 39 years of age. Ferdi Kurtulak’s Emret commander was known as the Jumbo Gökhan gave life in the series. Finally, he took place in Kolpaçino 3 and Ottoman Tokadi projects.

Özlem Başkaya
Özlem Başkaya, who was born in 1975 years, is 43 years old. Experienced player who studied acting at Ankara University was engraved with the Nihan character, which he gave life in the series of Sad for me. Özlem Başkaya 60 kg and is 1.73 m tall. He had an important exit in the Umuda handcuff hit series.  Finally, we are not innocent and a hope has appeared in the series. He was especially loved with the character of Fadime, which he gave life in a hope enough series.

Timur Ölkebaş
Timur Ölkebas 1977 was born in Germany. Finally, in Siyah Beyaz Ask series, Abidin gave life to the character. He has been known as Arif in the series of grieve for me.

Burak Haktanır
Burak Haktanır finally appeared in the series Mehmetçik Kut-ul Amare. In the series of Sevda Kuşun, he took place with the character Remzi.

Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar
Mehmet Ali Kaptanlar 1959 was born in Antalya and is 60 years of age. He appeared in the black Box series and the Yunus Emre Aşkın Road Series.

Ahmet Mekin as Tuğrul Baba
Ahmet Mekin finally appeared in the unregistered series. It is one of the living legend names of Turkish cinema. Ahmet Mekin, born August 6, 1932 in Istanbul, is now 87 years old. Ahmet Mekin, who was originally a keel, was also the real name of Ahmet Kurtdereli. Ahmet Mekin was among the legends of the Turkish cinema with Cypress Boylum and Al Yazmalım film.

Sebahat Kumaş 
Sebahat Kumas, which will play the character of Duygu in an Ali Seva series, was born on May 12, 1989 in Aydın. The 30-year-old player finished the photography section of the Faculty of Open education due to his interest in the photograph. The first acting experience was a nurse character in the back row series, and later in the series Arka Sıradakiler. Finally, he played Olmus character in Kalbimdeki Deniz series.

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