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Kadın (The Woman) Season 3

The new Third season trailer of Kadın (The Woman) has released: “What name will die, who will live?

With her memorable season finale, she left multiple question marks in mind and took a short break, and the start date of the 3rd season (new season) was put under close scrutiny. When will the 3rd season of Kadın (The Woman) return to the Fox TV screen, always continuing her success by signing a plot that is engraved in the memories that both encompass the audience completely and deeply affects the scene? As part of the script, the new season trailer of Kadın (The Woman), which brings a different breath to the screens by reflecting all the emotions that are handled and processed firmly to the audience, has been released.

Fox TV screens after success and the award-saturated series project Kadın (The Woman) Season 3 broadcast history memory, not a moment out of the final episode began to be questioned mainly. Taking the audience into her world with her immersive events and allowing her to look at life through a completely different window, The Woman, Who collapsed in the middle of the street and rushed to take her to the hospital arif, Khadija and Sarp’in he had an unimaginable car accident and made the season finale. 

Kadın Season 3 Release Date
Kadın (The Woman) Season 3: First Trailer And Release Date
When will the 3rd season begin when will the 3rd season begin when, as they become a matter of great curiosity whether they will survive when two different vehicles are coming to them and the fate of Bahar, whose health is worsening? Since the beginning of its broadcasting for the first time, the audience’s appreciation and attention has been kept alive and in a very short period of time, the audience has expanded rapidly women’s new season trailer was released.

When Does Season 3 of Kadın Start?

Produced by Faruk Bayhan and Fatih Aksoy and directed by Nadim Power, Med Productions, fox TV screens every Tuesday evening with the developments full of surprises in front of the audience for the 3rd season release date countdown It’s started!

The final episode, which left a lasting mark on the mind, and the question marks that were arranged one after the other, were made officially announced from the producer’s wing about when the 3rd season will begin historically.

The cast of Kadın (The Woman) Season 3 are; Caner Cindoruk, Seray Kaya, Ozge Ozriceci, Feyyaz Duman, Bennu Yildirim, Ali Semi Sefil, Gökçe Eyupoglu, Kübra Ssad Sharif Erol, such as talented names such as women’s new season trailer was released.

Kadın (The Woman) Release Date
Update September 8, 2019Women 65. Filming began on Sunday, September 8th. Women’s series actors and set crew who have been on holiday for about 3 months began the new season with prayers. Women’s series producer Med Productions is considering 3 episodes to stock up and then air the new season of the series. Med Productions will deliver the new episode of Women to Fox TV on September 24. According to backstage information we’ve been told, Fox Tv is going to wait until October for the Women’s series. So the women’s series will be on the air on October 1, 2019.

The question of who died in the accident in the season finale of the women’s series was on the agenda of the audience. Hatice Arif and Bahar came to the set for the new season. Caner Cindoruk, who gave life to his steep character, we didn’t see him on set right now. Is sarp dead? 

The women’s series, which began broadcasting on Tuesday, October 24, 2017, was released on Tuesday, May 28, after two successful seasons. the season finale with the episode had said goodbye to the screens. Women’s farewell to the screens with a great season finale, viewers of the series already 3. began to wonder about the season; however, the 65th anniversary of the series of Kadın (The Woman) viewers. Season 3 will begin, They’re going to have to wait a while for the season.

Many series that make season finale slots with the women’s series will have to wait until October as the broadcast begins the new season in the second week of September. Especially with other season series starting, a challenging process awaits the audience, who will be waiting two more weeks for Kadın (The Woman)‘s series.
Kadın (The Woman) introduced for the new 3 seasons

What will happen in the new season?
In the new season of the women’s series, Bahar and Arif await the progress of their love; Because in many social platforms, arif’e sarp Çeşmeli continues to support intensely. Bahar openly implies that she will choose Arif, not Sarp, the father of her children; But sarp will never leave Spring and will take Spring from Arif.

Will Sarp Self-Redeemit?
One of the most frequently asked questions in the women’s series is whether Bahar will forgive Sarp; Bahar and Sarp. really hard times ahead of the season; Therefore, the suffering of Bahar and Sarp will be brought together and they will have to get support from one another as they go through them.

The biggest obstacle to Sirin is Bahar and Sarp Love
The only killer of spring and steep love, of course, is Smurf. It’s the third episode of the women’s series. Smurf will continue to be a nuisance in the season and with the financial support he received from Sparkle will cause unstoppable damage to Bahar.

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