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The Gods Chinese Drama 2019

The latest Chinese drama series “Investiture of the Gods” also known as “The Gods” is one of the Chinese Dramas that many people have been waiting for. Do you still remember the drama player “Across the Ocean to See You” that was popular in 2017?

Beautiful actress Wang Claudia will star in the drama as the female lead acting with actor Luo Jin. Besides that there are also some very familiar Chinese stars who used to star in mandarin hits like Deng Lun from the series “Princess Agents“.

There are also famous stars who are cast from the hit film “Four” named Chou Collin. For the making of this drama series, it will take place from March 18 2015 to August 2015 and for the broadcast date starting April 8, 2019 on the Hunan TV channel. Okay, now you can read full synopsis of Chinese Drama Investiture of the Gods.


Synopsis of Investiture of the Gods

In the days of Zhou Shang (Zou Zhao Long), the gods mostly left and demons disrupted the human world. The Supreme Heavenly God decided to use the war between Zhou and Shang dynasties to choose a new generation of gods to ascend to the heavenly realm.
Investiture of the Gods
Investiture of the Gods Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

He sent his students to find the right candidate, Jiang Zi Ya (Yu He Wei) helped Ji Fa (Zhang Bo) in governing Zhou’s new kingdom, Shen Gong Bao (Hai Yi Tian) infiltrated the Shang dynasty with Su Da Ji (Wang Li Kun) to tempt the king to destroy the chaos in the world and Yu Ding (Zhen Ren) helped Yang Jian (Luo Jin) human with a third eye, to reach his potential. And the results of the candidates depend on human destiny.


Details of Investiture of the Gods

Title: Investiture of the Gods
Other Title: 封神 / Feng Shen
Genres: Historycal, Fantasy
Episodes: 90 (ninety)
Director: Liu Chang
Scriptwriter: Shen Yuzhe
Station Channel: Hunan TV
Country: China
Aired on: April 8, 2019, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Trailer of  Investiture of the Gods


Cast of Investiture of the Gods

Luo Jin as Yang Jian
Claudia Wang as Su Da Ji
Guo Yuanyuan as Lan Ying
Deng Lun as Zi Xu
Collin Chou as Di Xin
Bai Shan as Su Fu Ren
Sun Ao as Wei Zhi
Qu Zhe Ming as Ji Shu Gan
Yu Yan Kai as Huang Fei Hu
Zhang Jaco as Li Yi
Sun Bo Hao as Yin Jiao
Sun Yi Ning as Li Er
Liang Zhen Lun as Na Zha
Yu He Wei as Jiang Zi Ya
He Zhong Hua as Yang Zi Cheng
Zhang Zhi Wei as Eunuch Deng