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In Youth 2019

2019’s newest Chinese drama “In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻)“, aired starting April 13, 2019 on Dragon TV channel and web drama Iqiyi. Tells about a new employee and has a boss who hates him. The latest Chinese drama is also known by another title “While We Still Young“.

Mandarin Series In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻) is a romantic drama that has a high rating and you must watch. This Chinese Drama also stars well-known and beautiful Chinese artists Qiao Xin. The main player is actor Leon Zhang, in early 2019 He also appeared as an actor in the Chinese drama “My Poseidon“.

The character he plays in drama In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻) is an angry boss who doesn’t like his new employees. The employee’s figure was played by beautiful actress Qiao Xin. She is one of the players in the popular drama “Ode to Joy”. Rows of other Chinese actress such as Liu Wayne, Maggie Huang and Dai Si also became players in the latest 2019 While We Still Young series.

The Chinese Drama In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻) worked on by director Wang Ying and the screenwriter is Wan Yun. Initially this drama will be aired in 2018, but it cannot be broadcast. At that time Dragon TV had a busy drama broadcast schedule. All right, you can just read the full synopsis of In Youth.


Synopsis of In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻)

Li Zi Yu, played by Qiao Xin, is a kind, simple and honest girl. She started her new job, there she met Fan Shu Chen (Leon Zhang) a difficult boss. He is a wealthy hidden and talented heir. Fan Shu Chen really hated Zi Yu.
in youth chinese drama
In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

That made Zi Yu tremble in fear every day. Actually the company secrets have leaked since the day where Zi Yu works there. Shu Chen suspects Zi Yu as the culprit. Even though they often fight, but gradually they both understand each other and admire each other. 3 Friends of Shu Chen also have their own theories about Zi Yu.

Then Shu Chen‘s rival appeared, named Luo Zong Liang (Ethan Yao). He has a new relationship with Li Zi Yu. That makes Shu Chen even more suspicious of him and considers him a spy sent by Zong Liang.

What really happened and they hid it? Will their hatred and love unite one another?


Details about Drama In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻)

Title: In Youth
Other Titles: While We’re Still Young / When We’re Still Young
Local Title: Chen Wo Men Hai Nian Qing / 趁 我们 还 年轻
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 38 (thirty eight)
Director: Wang Ying
Scriptwriter: Wan Yun
Channel Station: Dragon TV, ZJTV, Iqiyi
Country: China
Displayed on: April 13, 2019, every Sunday – Friday at 19:35

Trailer of In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻)


Cast of In Youth (趁 我们 还 年轻)

Leon Zhang as Fan Shu Chen
Qiao Xin as Lin Zi Yu
Liu Wayne as Shi Wei Cong
Maggie Huang as Ji Xuan Li
Dai Si as Li Yang Yang
Tracy Wang as Wang Ying
Ethan Yao as Luo Zong Liang
Denny Huang as Ge Yihan
Wang Xiao as Yu An Dong
Yi Daqian as Gong Xiao Liang

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