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In the Dark 2019

American series “In the Dark” there are Brooke Markham, Casey Deidrick, Derek Webster, Humberly González, Kathleen York, Keston John, Morgan Krantz, Perry Mattfeld, Rich Sommer, introduction a new series

The CW introduced us to the new series in the middle of the 2018-2019 season: In The Dark… The series began broadcasting on April 4th, and so far 5 episodes have been published. The first season will last 13 episodes and 2nd season has also received the approval.

The series includes names such as Corinne Kingsbury, Jon Collier, Ben Stiller, Jackie Cohn, Nicky Weinstock and Michael Showalter.


Synopsis of In the dark

Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) In her twenties, she is a woman who is difficult living, alcoholic, disgruntled, smoking and addicted to casual-sex. Also visually impaired. She lives with her companion, Jess (Brooke Markham), who is trying to help her with everything, and his guide dog Pretzel, who is not satisfied with his existence. He’s not much of a social person, and he has one friend except a young drug dealer named Tyson.

in the dark character cast
In the Dark Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: American Movie

Murphy had a bad case that he still felt the effect. Tyson rescued him from this incident, and so the duo became very strict friends. One day, Murphy thinks he found Tyson’s dead body on the street where the apartment was when they went for a walk with Pretzel; He calls the police at the scene, but the police can’t find the body where he described it. On top of that, Murphy goes to Tyson’s cousin and asks if he sees him; He says he left town. Not believing what Tyson’s cousin said, Murphy can’t be sure whether Tyson is dead or not, and he starts looking for him to spite all the difficulties he’s faced. Meanwhile, he will learn about Tyson, who he accepted as his close friend.


Character Cast of In the Dark

Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld)
She lost sight of Retinitis Pigmentosa disease at the age of 14. After this time, she was very much fallen upon by her stepmother and father, but he tried to stand alone. She doesn’t trust people anymore because she can’t see it. She doesn’t want anyone to pity or use hier. So she tries to enjoy life as much as possible with alcohol and everyday relationships. She is also sharp, she likes to criticized people in a harsh language.

Her stepfather, Hank, and her mother, Joy, have a “guide dog” school. Despite all their dangers, they have given their daughters a job in life to have a purpose, but this has become another place where Murphy sleeps constantly in a hangover.

Now her close friend Tyson is lost and Murphy is determined to find out what happened to him.

Jess (Brooke Markham)
He is Murphy’s roommate, and he’s one of the rare people he trusts. Veterinary medicine; His work, his girlfriend, and his life as Murphy are divided into three. He’s going to do his best to protect Murphy from the dangers.

Hank (Derek Webster)
He is Murphy’s father. He has always been optimistic about Murphy, and has opened the “guide dog” school with his wife to gain a purpose for her daughter; They are determined to keep this place open for Murphy, even if it doesn’t make proper money. His disinterested attitude here is his wife and self-upchuck.

Joy (Kathleen York)
She is Murphy’s mother. She responds more stricter to his uninterested, disjointed irresponsible behaviour than his husband Hank, and therefore has a little distance between them and his daughter. Still, she is ready to do anything for Murphy.

Darnell (Keston John)

He is Tyson’s cousin. Unlike Murphy, he thinks his cousin moved out of town, and he’s comfortable. He doesn’t like Murphy wandering around asking questions about it. He doesn’t want the police involved because he’s a drug dealer.

Felix (Morgan Krantz)
He works at the guide dog School. He doesn’t get along well with Murphy, but he has to work together.

Max (Casey Deidrick)
Darnell’s friend. They met with Murphy by coincidence. Murphy doesn’t like him at first, but he’s going to want to help him find Tyson.

In addition, as Jess’s boyfriend, Rich Sommer takes part as detective investigating the disappearance of Humberly González and Tyson.


Trailer of In the Dark

My Review of In the Dark

I’m watching In The Dark in The first five episodes. I’d say it’s a different weather than The classic The CW series. This has improved the quality of the series. I think the lead is a pretty good part of the role and carries the series. What makes the show beautiful is the life and story of the character. I wonder how far and how they will sustain it, even if it’s not a very long topic for now. The absence of a formated structure is a plus I find important in national channel arrays.

I think it is a series that can be loved without very high expectations; You’ll probably be glad to watch it without too much thought.

I haven’t seen a lot of national channels this season, but I also think I’m making a good point. If you haven’t seen the extra national, you can try this series first.

Have a good watch already.

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