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I’m So Pretty 2019

I’m So Pretty (玛丽 学园) is the latest Chinese web drama series that was broadcast on Tencent TV since March 21, 2019. It tells the story of a teenage girl and also a school, where there is a rule that the more beautiful the girl, the more she will rule in the school.

Filming for the latest Chinese Drama “I’m So Pretty (玛丽 学园)” series was carried out in 2018 which was produced by Zeal Pictures with Tencent Penguin Pictures and worked on by director Chen Heng, while the storyline and script were worked on by screenwriter Liu He.

The Chinese Drama I’m So Pretty (玛丽 学园) is starred by beautiful actress Jiang Yu Wei, Fang Chu Tong and Dong Zhi Yi. Meanwhile for male players is actor Wu Rui, Liu Chang, Wa Er. Those of you who are interested in watching drama I’m so pretty that you can look for it on YouTube WeTV 腾讯 视频 with the search keyword “玛丽 学园”, it can be translated into English.


Synopsis I’m So Pretty

Mary Academy is a place to visit for all girls who love being beautiful. The more beautiful the woman is, the more power she has. That’s the rule at Mary Academy’s place and it is every girl’s dream to be the strongest in school.

I'm So Pretty Chinese Drama
I’m So Pretty (玛丽 学园) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Their weapon for their battle to the top is make-up. But the school applies not to make up, because genuine beauty is natural.

Song Shi Yao, played by Jiang Yu Wei, is a white girl who does not like to use make-up and she is involved in disputes on college.


Trailer of I’m So Pretty


Details of I’m So Pretty

Title: I’m So Pretty
Other Title: 玛丽 学园
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Episodes: 20 (twenty)
Director: Chen Heng, Liu He
Scriptwriters: Liu He, Dai Zheng Yang, Chang Le and Gao Da Zhuo
Channel Station: Tencant TV / Youtube Tencent
Country: China
Displayed on: March 21, 2019


Cast of I’m So Pretty

Zheng Shuang as Xiang Zhen
Gai Cass as Qian Bei Bei
Xu Yue as Ding Lan
Chen Xiao Yun as Jin Xiao Ni
Wang Xiu Zhu as Yu Hui
Gao Tai Yu as Chen Yan
Xu Yang is as Zhao Cong
Liu Shuailiang as Zhuang Yi
Wang Yang as Gaushan
Zhao Mingli as Joan An

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