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If I Can Love You So 2019

The latest April 2019 Chinese drama is titled “If I Can Love You So (如果 可以 这样 爱)“. The K-drama series is also known by another title “If We Could Love Like This”. Show on Hunan TV channel starting April 9, 2019, every Monday to Sunday local time. This Chinese drama has 46 broadcast episodes.

If I Can Love You So (如果 可以 这样 爱) tells romantic love stories from 2 actor-actress. The beginning of the story starts with a married man and his wife. However, secretly both of them are related and like other people. After being caught they actually committed suicide. 2 players from the wife and husband both met at the funeral and they were entangled in a love affair.

Starring actor Tong Da Wei as the male lead character and previously starred in the 2017 Mandarin drama “Love Actually”. This time the acting opponent is Cecilia Liu, who is none other than the 2017 popular Chinese drama player Lost Love in Times. Okay, now you can just read the full synopsis of If I Can Love You So.


Synopsis of If I Can Love You So

The Chinese drama “If I Can Love You So (如果 可以 这样 爱)” tells the story of a married man and woman. They commit suicide after being caught in their favor with each other. Their dark partner, Bai Kaoer, played by Cecilia Liu and Geng Mo Chi, played by Tong Da Wei, met each other in the cemetery.
If I Can Love You So Cast
If I Can Love You So (如果 可以 这样 爱) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

They actually fall in love and the romantic story between them both begins.


Details of If I Can Love You So

Title: If I Can Love You So
Other Titles: If We Could Love Like This
Local Title: Ru Guo to Yi Zhe Yang Ai / 如果 可以 这样 爱
Genres: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 46 (forty six)
Director: Wang Lei
Scriptwriter: Qian Xun
Station Channel: Hunan TV
Country: China
Aired on: April 9, 2019 – May 2019, every Monday – Sunday


Trailer of If I Can Love You So


Cast of If I Can Love You So

Tong Da Wei as Mo Chi Gang
Cecilia Liu as Bai Kao Er
Bao Jian Feng as Qi Shu Li
Yang Yi Tong as Mi Lan
Ru Ping as Bai Ma
Qí Huan as Yi Zhi
Guo Xiao Xiao as Wei Ming Lun
Sun Zhi Hong as Shi Luo Hao
Zhu Tie as Zhang Qian Shan
Lai Jing as Jin Yi
Tao Hai as Huang Zhong
Yang Kai Han as Cai Yi Sheng
Pu Chao Ying as Milan Ma
Xie Yuan as Bai Ba
Zuo You as Kai Wen

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