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I Hear You 2019

I Hear You (最 动听 的 事) also known as “The Most Enchanting Thing“, is the latest Chinese drama series adapted based on a popular novel of the same name. Tells about Bei Er Duo, a girl who has a dream to learn to become a professional voiceover.

She met a handsome man Ye Shu Wei and they studied and lived together. Feelings of love and romantic stories happen to both of them. Er Duo’s character is played by beautiful actress Zhao Lusi who is a player in the popular drama series Oh! My Emperor: Season One.

While the acting opponent is a handsome actor Riley Wang who also once acted in the popular series Attention, Love! (2017). Yuan Hao and Dai Zhuo Ning also appeared as important supporting players in the Chinese Drama series. All right, just trad the full synopsis of I Hear You.


Synopsis of I Hear You (最 动听 的 事)

Bei Er Duo, played by Zhao Lusi, is a girl from an ordinary family, dreaming about studying in Japan to become a professional voiceover. However, her mother wanted her to marry a rich man when she was young, leading to a continuous blind date that irritated Bei Er Duo.

In her desperation to raise funds to study abroad and help her best friend Tang Li (Dai Zhuo Ning) out of the crisis, Bei Er Duo joined several reality programs, meeting with the leading violin maker Ye Shu Wei (Riley Wang).

I Hear You (最 动听 的 事)
I Hear You (最 动听 的 事) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Shu Wei
is from a family of artists, and has a character of mysterious low genius in the manufacture and manufacture of violins. He was forced to join the reality program after losing a bet with his nephew Yu Sheng (Yuan Hao).

In fact, the real reason that attracted Ye Shu Wei to participate in the show was not his gambling with Yu Sheng. Instead, he tried to identify the person who correctly answered the audition question.

Because the reality show was faced with a crisis of integrity, Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei began their lives living in one roof and funny, and spontaneously fell into this beautiful romantic fate together.


Details of I Hear You (最 动听 的 事)

Title: I Hear You
Other Title: The Most Enchanting Thing
Local Title: 最 动听 的 事
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24 (twenty four)
Director: Xu Hezhen
Scriptwriter: Xu Hezhen
Channel Station: Youku
Country: China
Aired on: January 28, 2019 – February 11, 2019, every Monday


Trailer of I Hear You (最 动听 的 事)


Cast of I Hear You (最 动听 的 事)

Riley Wang as Ye Shu Wei
Zhao Lusi as Bei Er Duo
Yuan Hao as Yu Sheng
Dai Zhuo Ning as Tang Li
Zhang Jiong Min as Le Tian