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Maryam al-Muqoddasah

Hazreti Meryem (Meryem-i Mukaddes) is  Historical and religious film based on the Quran and Islamic tradition of Iran, which was released in 2002. Until the birth of Jesus, his mother describes the life of Meryem ….

With the help of the Roman Army, Herot, who seized Jerusalem, took out the throne… The news that Christ will be born will give Herot nightmares while the hope of the Quranic. The Jewish community of Jerusalem is now impatience. Rabbis are forced to soothe them. It is Fully described in this order to be a daughter of the Imran family instead of Christ. It relaxes Herot that the child devoted to Allah is a girl. But Herot’s joy won’t last long. Because Jesus Christ will be born from Meryem, the daughter of Imran.


Synopsis of Hazreti Meryem

In 16 BC, the people of Jerusalem await the birth of Imran’s son. Rather than the expected  “Messiah”, a girl is born to Imran and Henna. Henna gives his daughter the name of Meryem, meaning “Servant of God”. At the age of Six, the Virgin Mary is taken to the Shrine and until sixteen years, the Prophet will remain there under the aegis of Zechariah.

Hz Meryem film 2002
Hz Meryem (Hazreti Meryem) Synopsis And Cast: Iran Movie 2002

The Sanctuary spends all his time working and worship and is disturbed by Jewish rabbis. The Gabriel appears, saying that Allah chooses Meryem and will be pregnant with Christ, and then gives birth to Jesus.


Trailer of Hazreti Meryem


Detail of Hazreti Meryem

Director: Şehriyar Behrani
Senarist: Muhammed Said Behmenpur
From the Story:    Holy Qur’an
Cast: Şebnem Gülihani, Cafer Dikan, Perviz Hüseyni
Genre: History, Religious
Release Date: 2002
Duration: 7 hours 54 minutes
Country: Iran
Language: Persian


Cast of Hazreti Meryem

Şebnem Gülihani as Meryem
Cafer Dikan as Kral Herot
Perviz Hüseyni as Zekeriya
Hüseyin Yari as Natan
Muhammed Kasibi as Yesekâr
Muhammed Pursettar as Heylâl
Bakınız as Ayrıca