By | 24 April 2019

Human Lessons Netflix

Netflix again released the latest Korean drama series “Human Lessons (인간 수업)“. This is part of the Original Netflix series also known as another title “Human Class“. Tells about teenagers as well as incidents that occur at school. A student with poor social skills meets new friends. But they were actually involved in the same crime incident.

The Korean drama “Human Lessons (인간 수업)” will be worked on by director Kim Jin-Min who previously was the director of the drama series “Lawless Lawyer”, from tvN in 2018 and this time He took Jin Han-Sae as the screenwriter. If there are no changes to the show schedule, the Human Lessons drama series will be broadcast on the Netflix web starting in the second half of 2019.

The player of Human Lessons (인간 수업) is a handsome actor Kim Dong-Hee, there must be many who remember him right? He is a newcomer actor who plays the character Cha Seo-Joon in the Korean drama “Sky Castle”. Kim Dong Hee appears as the main character who plays the character of school students who have bad social relations. Young actress Jung Da-Bin and newcomer Park Joo-Hyun play the female lead character.

Joo Hyun plays a woman who knows evil and joins. Another newcomer who participated in the role of the Human Lessons was Nam Yoon-Soo. Reportedly, senior actor Park Hyuk-Kwon has also confirmed that he has appeared as the main supporting figure. He will be a homeroom teacher. Park Hyuk-Kwon also played in the latest SBS drama series April 2019 “The Nokdu Flower“. All right, you can just read the full synopsis of Human Lessons (인간 수업).


Synopsis of Human Lesson

The Korean drama “Human Lessons (인간 수업)” tells the story of a person named Ji-Soo played by Kim Dong-Hee, he is a smart middle school student. But to pay for his school, he made choices and a bad road. It directed him to a serious crime that caused him to be a bad person.
Human Lessons (인간 수업)
Human Lessons (인간 수업) Synopsis And Cast: korean Drama

On the other hand, Min-Hee is played by Jung Da-Bin and Kyu-Ri (Park Joo-Hyun) who attends secondary school together with Ji-Soo. They are also involved in the crimes committed by Ji-Soo.


Detail of Human Lesson

Title: Human Lesson
Other Title: Human Class
Local Title: Ingansooeob / 인간 수업
Genres: Drama, School, Romance
Episodes: 16 (to be confirm)
Director: Kim Jin-Min
Scriptwriter: Jin Han-Sae
Channel Station: Netflix
Displayed on: Second half of 2019


Cast of Human Lesson

Kim Dong-Hee as Ji-Soo
Jung Da-Bin as Min-Hee
Park Joo-Hyun as Kyu-Ri
Nam Yoon-Soo as Ki-Tae
Choi Min-Soo as Wang-Cheol
Park Hyuk-Kwon as Jin-Woo
Kim Yeo-Jin as Hae-kyung

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