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Hope All Is Well With Us

The latest Chinese drama series “Hope All Is Well With Us (我们都要好好的)” tells the story of a complicated love story between a separated husband and wife and a new person who makes him happier. Starting from an ordinary man who married a wealthy family but their previously happy relationship fell apart.

The two of them finally separated, and the man met another woman who was more attentive and made him stand back from the failure of his life. This Chinese Drama Hope All Is Well With Us (我们都要好好的) starts airing on April 14, 2019 on the Beijing TV channel, every Monday to Sunday at 19.30 local time.

Actor Yang Shuo was a major player in the drama series, while for female cast there were 2 beautiful actresses Jin Chen and Liu Tao who had previously starred in the popular Chinese drama “Ode to Joy 2”. Then there was the C-pop singer Liu Duan Duan who also played one of the supporting players.

Child actress Zhang Hummer who became Ah Li in the 2017 Chinese drama “Eternal Love” will also appear as the child of the main character in this Chinese drama. The C-Drama Series is also known as the drama title “Honey, We Are All Going to Be Good“. Alright, now it can read full synopsis of Hope All Is Well With Us.


Synopsis of Hope All Is Well With Us

The series tells about Xiang Qian, played by Yang Shuo, who is a son of an ordinary worker family. Whereas Xun Zhao is played by Liu Tao, a rich family. They both fell in love with each other and decided to move on to marriage. But Zun Zhao‘s parents opposed the relationship.

Hope All Is Well With Us
Hope All Is Well With Us (我们都要好好的): Chinese Drama
Finally Xiang Qian has to be more tips and work hard to become a success in a company. After marriage, Zun Zhao decided to become an ordinary housewife. But the relationship between the two of them worsened when Zun Zhao suffered from depression. She was afraid to influence their son, Hao Han (Zhang Hummer).

She left her family and decided to separate from Ziang Qian. Whereas Xian Qian also experienced failure at work and he had to take care of his son and not have money. His life changed when he met Alisa (Jin Chen). He became himself and rose from adversity.

But the strange fate brought Xiang Qian and Zun Zhao back together. When Xun Zhao wanted to start a new life, she happened to work as an assistant in Alisa’s house.


Details of Hope All Is Well With Us

Title: Hope All Is Well With Us
Other Title: Honey, We Are All Going to Be Good / 我们 都要 好好的
Genres: Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 40 (forty)
Director: Liu Xue Song
Scriptwriter: Wang Yi
Channel: Beijing TV Station
Country: China
Aired on: April 14, 2019, every Monday – Sunday at 7:30 p.m.


Trailer of Hope All Is Well With Us


Cast of Hope All Is Well With Us

Jin Chen as Alisa
Liu Tao as Xun Zhao
Yang Shuo as Xiang Qian
Zhang Hummer as Hao Han
Liu Duan Duan as Hu Nan
Cheng Cheng as Wan Wan
Cai Zilun as Zheng Zheng Hao
Jiang Qinyun as Ding Fang Fang
Ren Li is
Wang Ruoxue

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