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Hey! Boyfriend Card 2019

Hey! Boyfriend Card (嘀! 男友 卡) is the latest Chinese drama that airs on Mango TV starting March 13, 2019. This is a Chinese Drama romantic – fantasy genre from an ordinary woman who gets a handsome lover, everyone’s ideal and He comes from a different dimension.

The man is from a game and of course this is a series of webdrama that are interesting for you to follow and must be watched. Director Zhang Fan with writer Mi Lan who worked on the drama “Hey! Boyfriend Card (嘀! 男友 卡)”. Filming was carried out in 2018 and this will be 20 episodes of screenings.

Hey! Boyfriend Card (嘀! 男友 卡) There are a beautiful actress newcomer named Cheng Guo Shi appeared as the female lead. As for the main male character, handsome actor Yi Heng. Alright, now you are immediately read to the synopsis of Hey! Boyfriend Card.


Synopsis of Hey! Boyfriend Card

The Chinese drama “Hey, Boyfriend Card” tells the story of Liu Qian Qian is a woman who lives alone, one day she accidentally got an ideal boyfriend for all women. He got this from the character of Prince Nangong played by Yi Heng.
Hey! Boyfriend Card Chinese Drama
Hey! Boyfriend Card (嘀! 男友 卡) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Liu Qian taught and trained him as well as humans, men who came from the game increasingly developed, the love story between the two of them and the different dimensions began.

But because he came from the game, the man disappeared from Liu Qian-Qian‘s life and returned to his dimensions. What will happen to their relationship? Will Liu Qian – Qian and Nangong be able to unite like other humans?


Details of Hey! Boyfriend Card

Title: Hey! Boyfriend Card
Other Title: 嘀! 男友 卡 / Hey, Boyfriend Card
Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 20 (twelve)
Director: Zhang Fan
Scriptwriter: Mi Lan
Channel Station: Mango TV
Country: China
Aired on: March 13, 2019, every Wednesday


Cast of Hey! Boyfriend Card

Yi Heng as Nan Gong
Cheng Guo Shi as Liu Qian Qian
Ma Yu Ming as Ah Dong
Shi Xue Jing as Tao Tao
Li Jun Feng as Jian Feng
Liu Zhi Wei as Ai Mi

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