By | 8 May 2019

Her Yerde Sen In English

The new title of the Turkish Series called Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) that will start in the summer months on Fox TV screens. The main roles of the series are Furkan Andıç and Aybüke Pusat.

Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) series, which was produced by Karga Film, is written by Deniz Yesilgün and Esra Çetek Yilmazer. Ender Mıhlar sits in the director’s seat of the series.


Synopsis of Her Yerde Sen

Having to live in the same house is as stubborn as Demir (Furkan Andıç ) goat with Selin (Aybüke Pusat). As if all this is not enough, the company that someone is working for comes as an administrator and it gets more complicated.

Fox screens in the series will meet with the summer audience began shooting in Istanbul. In the cast of the romantic comedy series, there are also new players with familiar names.

her yerde sen cast
Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama


Cast of Her Yerde Sen

Furkan Andıç as Demir
Furkan Andıç who was born in Istanbul in 1990, went to Ukraine after high school. He studied language and economics came back to Istanbul because of the equivalence. He studied radio and television programming at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Furkan Andıç played basketball for about 11 years. The actor appeared on television screens with commercials and began to take part in the series. First, I put his name Feriha and he portrayed Selim in the series of Emir’s path.

Kolej Günlüğü, Umutsuz Ev Kadınları, Yağmur, Kaçak Gelinler series, the player who starred in the series of Kardes Cocuklari, which was finally published on Star screens, portrayed the character of the Volkan.

Aybüke Pusat as Selin
Aybüke Pusat, who was born in Ankara in 1995, graduated from the ballet department of Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory.

Miss Turkey also participated in the beauty contest 3rd where she has been. After acting classes, she starred in Medcezir series in 2014. She played Hayat in her series.

She has been involved in Familya, Söz, Şahin Tepesi and Kapi projects. The player will play the character of Selin in Her yerde Sen.

Ali Yağcı as Burak

In 1990, the player who came to the world in Balıkesir received the acting education of Deniz Erdem and Eric Moristen. In 2016, the actor starred in the film Umut Apartmanı.

Ali Yağcı portrayed the character of Meric in the series “Seviyor Sevmiyor”. He is the player who starred in the series named Adini Sen Koy, was known by the character Kerem. Finally, Ali Yağcı appeared on the Star screens with the character of Osman in the series called Erkenci Kus.

Ali Gözüşirin as Veteriner İbo
Ali Gozüşirin, who will be portraying the character of Veterine Ibo in the series, was born in 1995. He graduated from the international relations and Issues Department of Istanbul Gelişim University.

The player who completed his education with a department other than acting first started to model by relying on him. He came out as a model in the fashion show. Irem Derici, playing in the video of the first acting experience of the successful name, the series of minor murders took part.

The player who loves to play sports, swiming, has good care and good nutrition. The handsome player is a name that young girls follow closely. Although not fully recognised, there are over 40 thousand followers on social media.

Aslıhan Malbora as Ayda
Aslıhan Malbora will revive the moon, which is the girlfriend of the veterinarian Ibo, which is portrayal of Ali Gozüşirin in the series Her Yerde Sen (Everywhere You Are).

Aslıhan Malbora was born in 1995 in Afyon Province. 163 cm height, 52 kg in weight, the player graduated from the Department of Food Engineering and chemical engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

Aslıhan Malbora’s lover is Metin Temel. After acting trainings, she portrayed Zeynep in the series Seven Ne Yapmaz on ATV screens. He also starred in the television series Aglama Anne.

Ali Barkin

He was born in Ankara Province in 1985. He received trainings on cinema and Tv alongside civil engineering at Middle East University.

The actress who starred in the Star series has played in the series Life continues. The player who portrayed Emin in Yesil Deniz series has finally portrayed the character of Bayram in the series of Klavye Delikanlari on Show Tv screens.

Barış Yıldız

He was born in Istanbul in 1982. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Theatre department. He’s a master of the Acting department.

Cem Cücenoğlu
He was born in Ankara Province in 1976. Müjdat Gezen Art Center graduated from the Western Music Piano section of the State Conservatory.

Aziz Caner İnan
He was born in Rize in 1985. He graduated from Haceettepe University, Department of English Economics. He was educated at Kadir Has University, Department of Film and Drama, Acting Master’s program.

Ayşe Tunaboylu
She was born in Istanbul in 1962. She graduated from the Department of Art Performing Arts in Fine arts.

Binnur Sherbetcioglu

She was born in Istanbul in 1960. She studied ballet at the Ankara State Conservatory. She has participated in many projects such as bread boat, acacia stop, magnificent groom.