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Hello, Debate Opponent 2019

The latest Chinese Drama series “Hello, Debate Opponent (你好 对方 辩 友)“, airs starting April 15, 2019 on the Mango TV channel every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00 local time. The Chinese Drama, a romantic school genre, tells the story of students who like debate and argument. In addition, the romance between students will be presented in this latest 2019 Chinese Drama series.

The Chinese drama Hello, Debate Opponent (你好 对方 辩 友) was produced in 2018 and worked on by director Han Yang. This Chinese drama was adapted based on the novel with the same name Hello Debate Opponent by Ling Weizhu, for the cast was young actress from China. New actor Pan You Cheng is believed to play the main male character.

Other players for Hello, Debate Opponent (你好 对方 辩 友) also starred in new artists, such as Jiao Na and Lin Xinyi who played female characters. Not only Chinese artists, beautiful actress Sally who is a member of K-pop “Gugudan” Korean band band became one of the main supporting actors in this drama series.

The drama series is certainly Sally’s first debut playing drama. If there are no changes, the Chinese Drama Hello, Debate Opponent (你好 对方 辩 友) has 30 episodes of the show. All right, you can just read the full synopsis of Hello, Debate Opponent.


Synopsis of Hello, Debate Opponent

This drama tells the story of a group of students who like to debate. Starting from new student Bai Yu, played by Pan You Cheng. He studied Cultural Industry Management at Yingli University. However, he was wrong to attend a meeting of the selection of new members at the debate club.
Hello, Debate Opponent chinese drama
Hello, Debate Opponent (你好 对方 辩 友) Synospis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Finally Bai Yu joined the Club with Yi Xiao Xi (Lin Xinyi) and other students. Last year’s student Gao Ting Ting (Jiao Na) has a dream of winning the University Debate championship, now putting all his hopes in the new team. However, responsible teachers want to provide their practice space.

To guard the room, the Ting Ting team had to place first in the university’s own debate contest. Will their new team with conflicting personalities win it?


Details of Hello, Debate Opponent

Title: Hello, Debate Opponent
Other Title: 你好 对方 辩 友 / Ni Hao Dui Fang Bian You
Genre: Romance, School
Episodes: 30 (thirty)
Director: Han Yang
Scriptwriters: Zhao Cong, Cao Long Xi and Wang Shi Long
Station Channel: Mango TV
Country: China
Aired on: April 15, 2019, every Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.


Cast of Hello, Debate Opponent

Pan You Cheng as Bai Yu
Jiao Na as Geng Ting Ting
Sally as Xiao En
Lin Xinyi as Yi Xiaoxi
Jie Shiming as Qing Bei
Wu Yueqing as the Huaxia Yang
Jiang Zhenyu as Sun Qing
Wang Zexuan as Yao Shen

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