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Held In the Lonely Castle 2019

Held In the Lonely Castle (孤城闭) is Chinese Drama, adapted from Milan’s lady’s novel of the same name. With the Northern Song Dynasty as the background, between the turbulent court and the ruthless children, the complex and true Song Renzong was restored

Held In the Lonely Castle (孤城闭) is a combination of Noon Sunshine Film and Zhonghui Film and Television, The producer is Hou Hongliang, screen play by Zhang Kaizhou, and Zhu Zhu, Directed by director Zhang Kaizhou, played by Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, Yang Lan, Bian Cheng, Ye Zuxin, Yu Entai, Wang Churan, Liu Wei, and Sun Jian. On January 5, 2019, it started with a story about the life of Emperor Song Renzong of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the story of the eldest daughter Zhao Huirou and the waiter Huai Ji.


 Synopsis of Held In the Lonely Castle

Emperor Zhao Wei (Wang Kai) of the Northern Song Dynasty learned that Liu Wei, who was the Empress Dowager who raised his own family, was not his biological mother, and his mother was Li Lanhui, the prostitute of the Empress Dowager. In order to repay the Li family, Zhao Wei married his most beloved daughter, Huirou (Ren Min), to Li Wei, the son of Li. Above the court, there was a tit-for-tat between the Qingli New Deal Minister and the old-fashioned ministers. The struggle was fierce. Zhao Zhizhi ruled the country and weighed the forces of all parties. 
Held In the Lonely Castle
Held In the Lonely Castle (孤城闭) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Huirou and the servant Huaiji (Biancheng), who grew up with him, established a deep feeling, and they rejected the Li Zhiwan, who was not interested in the mediocrity, and finally broke into conflict with his husband’s family. Breaking the most rigorous rules of the empire, causing a fuss, Sima Guang even wants to “break into the first place” on the main hall. The ethos of “speaking the road” and “supervising the monarch” carefully guarded by Zhao Yi’s life made him struggle between the love of women and the idea of maintaining the country. In the end, the princess did not succumb to the fate of “becoming a real wife of Li Wei” with a half-mad struggle, but she could not meet with Huai Jiyong


Deatil of Held In the Lonely Castle

Chinese Title:孤城闭 (Lonely Closed City)
English Title: Held In the Lonely Castle
Production Company: Dongyang Zhengwu Sunshine Film Co., Ltd.,
Zhonghui Film and Television
Filming Locations: Hengdian, Wuxi
Screenplay: Zhu Zhu
Starring: Wang Kai, Jiang Shuying, Ren Min, Yang Wei, Bian Cheng, Ye Zuxin, Yu Entai, Wang Churan, Liu Wei, Sun Jian
Number of Episode: 55
Genre of: Ancient legend
Producer: Hou Hongliang
Online platform:  Tencent video, Mango TV
Tv Station: Star TV


Trailer of Held In the Lonely Castle


Cast of Held In the Lonely Castle

Wang Kai as Zhao Wei 
The fourth emperor of the Song Dynasty, rumored rumors, not extravagant, not indulging his own desires, the only opposition to the ministers is for the beloved daughter.

Jiang Shuying as Cao Queen

The second emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty Song Renzong Zhao Wei, his grandfather Cao Bin was the founder of the Northern Song Dynasty. He was born to be the gatekeeper, temperamental, loving, and cautious. He did not give birth in his life.

Wang Churan as Zhang Guizhen 
Song Renzong’s most beloved nephew, outstanding appearance, graceful dance, pet crowned harem, after the death, chased after the Queen of Wencheng.

Ren Min as Zhao Huirou (Princess Fukang),
Song Renzong’s eldest daughter, Princess Shu, was favored by Song Renzong. She was intelligent and beautiful, and she was very filial to her father. Liang Huaiji, the director of the eunuch, was her confidante. It was also because she and Liang Huaiji were spiritually dependent on each other, which led to the follow-up tragedy. In the end, the two ended in tragedy.

Yang Wei as Han Qi
Yu Entai as Yan Shu
Liu Wei as Fan Zhongyan
Li Yanan as Fu Wei
Zhang Benxi as Ouyang Xiu
Feng Hui as Xia Wei
Tan Xi He as Lu Yijian
Chen Weidong as Wen Yanbo
Jun Chen as Sima Guang
Li Zhiqiang as Cheng Lin
Ji Chen as Di Qing
Ding Jiawen as Cao Ping
Bian Cheng as Liang Huaiji
Ye Zuxin as Zhang Maoze

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