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Hekimoglu In English

Who is the cast and characters of the players of Turkish Drama titled “Hekimoglu”?
Who is the Turkish version of the series Dr. House (2004), and who are the players of Hekimoglu? The famous names that will be ready for the new season are becoming apparent. We have reached the details about the actors and their roles in the series.

Who are the staff and characters of Hekimoglu playersAmong the most watched sequences of the world, the Turkish version of House MD is being drawn. However, this series is very different from the Doctors series starring Jasmine Ergene, who you watched years ago. We’re talking about a series of worlds that played between 2004-2012 and 2004. A series of records with a score of 10/8.7 as a result of nearly four hundred thousand votes on the IMDb. 

He’s a very different doctor. It solves difficult problems, not ordinary events. The screenplay by David Shore is now adapted to Turkish. The series of actors Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, who will animate the characters and the native version of the story is wondering how to write. Most importantly, who is the doctor in Hekimoglu who will play Dr. House? The American-made series played with short videos of 44 minutes.

Hekimoglu Synopsis
Hekimoglu Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Hekimoglu New Turkish SeriesThe series, which was produced by Crow Seven Pictures, was delivered to Berkun Oya. After the studies, players will be determined to animate the characters in the script. Yağmur Taylan and Durul Taylan’s director for the series was signed with the leading role player. It was the first leading role player for the Turkish version of the House series, where the main structure and the fiction would be the same one. A master player who has not been removed from memory with his beauty but has not been involved in a project for a long time will play Cansu Dere. There’s no agreement on the name that will revive Dr. House. It is known that the producer has met with Ozan Güven and Halit Ergenç.


Cast of Hekioglu

Cansu DereShe is the first leading role actor in the series. But he’s not going to be the director of the hospital, Lisa Cuddy, or the assistant who works under Dr. Gregory House. According to our estimates, the cold stance would suit the role of Cuddy. Dr. House’s hard and impulsive exits make decisions and fights with Cuddy House MD. Unforgettable moments of the series. Dr. House is pleased to make a deal with Cansu Dere while wondering who will play the Turkish Cuddy.

Cansu Dere was born in Ankara on 1980. 39-year-old model beauty has lost nothing. She graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Archaeology. In 2000, she attended the Miss Turkey competition and was one of the lucky girls who changed her life. At the age of 20, the third place in the beauty pageant in Turkey has brought countless projects to him in his life. He has a professional role in many films and series. A model who has not accepted the projects for a long time and waiting for the right proposal, the players who gave the surprise to the reviewers. He decided not to deprive us of his beauty.

Not only the player but also the experience of the server is strong. In 2004, she presented Turkey’s stars competition in 2003 and became the presenter of NTV’s LifeStyle fashion program. Cansu Dere, a guest actress in the European side series, has managed to gain experience in the series ‘ Life soon. With the chronological list of the series starring Cansu Dere. Now, Hekimoglu is a beautiful model who takes the first place among the players.

TV Series starring by Cansu DereŞahsiyet 2018 (Nevra Elmas)
Avcı 2018
Anne 2016 – 2017 (Zeynep)
Beyaz Gece 2015 (Leyla)
Aydın Altın Kızlar 2009
Ezel 2009 – 2011 (Eyşan Tezcan)
Kabuslar Evi 2006
Sıla 2006 (Sıla)
Güz Yangını 2005 (Ceylan)
Metropalas 2004 (Nazan)
Alacakaranlık 2003 – 2005

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