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Healer Of Children (2019)

Healer Of Children (了不起的儿科医生) is an urban medical drama starring Yang Lei, starring Chen Xiao, Wang Ziwen, and Jia Qing.

Healer Of Children (了不起的儿科医生) tells the story of a group of pediatricians who, in order to protect the child’s lifeline, do their best to treat and serve children.

Healer Of Children (了不起的儿科医生) was selected for the list of recommended broadcasts of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China by the TV drama department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.


Synopsis of Healer Of Children

Jiao Jiaren was saved by his pediatrician Gu Lifeng during his childhood. He has since established his lifelong physicist’s lifelong wish and has made unremitting efforts to advance toward his goal. Gu Lifeng, the director of Tongxin Hospital, who has been paying attention to the growth of Jiaojia people, saw the precious medical spirit and great potential in her body. She was recruited into the top pediatric hospital Tongxin Hospital. 
Healer Of Children
Healer Of Children (了不起的儿科医生) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
This is not only a precious opportunity but also a great challenge for the beauty. In the children’s hospital where the elite gathered, Jiao Jiaren was set off so ordinary, but she was not discouraged. With her strong perseverance and the heart of a healer, she grew up with the help of colleagues and teachers. 
Jiao Jiaren and colleagues along the side, Deng Ziang, Gu Jiaren, Wang Hang, etc. have experienced a lot of tests, not only to fight the disease in the first line of the disease, but also to face the difficulties in life. In the end, they ushered in a better future and completed their own growth and sublimation.


Detail of Healer Of Children

Chinese Title: 了不起的儿科医生 (The Great Pediatrician)
English Title: Healer Of Children
Year Production: 2019
Production Company: Changjiang Culture, Tencent Pictures, Jianyuan Film and Television, Ruibo Stars
Filming Locations: Shanghai, Yunnan
Production: Shanghai Hao Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd.
Director: Yang Lei
Screenplay: Wang Huan, Weng Haixin
Starring: Chen Xiao, Wang Ziwen, Jia Qing, Yu Xiaowei
Number of Episode: 40
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: City, Medical
Chief Producer: Jiang Wei, Chen Fei, Dong Chengjia

Trailer of Healer of Children

Cast of Healer of Children

Chen Xiao as Deng Ziang
Pediatrician, the appearance is calm and handsome but it is a technical control of “not close to human feelings”

Wang Zi Wen as Jiao Jiaren
Yunnan Doctor

Jia Qing as Gu Jiaren
A Doctor

Yu Xiaowei as Xu Bingze
Yue Yueli as Gu Lifeng
Zhu Jiaqi as Wang Hang
Tong Zhuo as Lei Hao
Zhang Song as Cheng Zhitao
Yang Mingna as Sun Yijuan
Zhang Yufei as Xia Yongning
Guan Zijing as Xia Yongqiang