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Handsome Sibling 2019

Handsome Sibling (绝代双骄)” is a costume martial arts drama based on Gu Long’s martial arts novels. Producer by: Zou Jicheng, Liu Fang, Wang Ziwei, Yu Hailin, Ma Ming, Zhong Jing, screenwriter by: Hu Day, and the player are: Chen Zheyuan, Liang Jie, Liang Shu Luo Jialiang, Mao Linlin, Zhou Junchao, Zheng Binhui, and Meng Lilian.

Handsome Sibling (绝代双骄) drama tells the story of the magical star fish and the flowers that have been known as the “first evil in the world” and walked on the rivers and lakes on July 23, 2018.


Synopsis of Handsome Sibling

More than ten years ago, Yan Nantian was the strongest warrior in the world. Jiang Feng was the first great man in the world. Yan Nantian took the sword martial arts alone, and Jiang Feng dumped all beings with his appearance. At that time, the “Jade Lang” Jiang Feng of the Jianghu River in the rivers and lakes was praised as the world’s first beautiful man and the “Jade Lady” Zhang Sanniang, who was known as the first beauty of the rivers and lakes, and was listed as a double jade. Xiuwai Zhang Sanniang, the deep palace invites the moonlight. Zhang Sanniang is the first beauty in the rivers and lakes, and the invitation to the moon is the first in the world. The former often appears in front of people, while the latter is often in the deep palace.
Handsome Sibling
Handsome Sibling (绝代双骄) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
After more than ten years, the magic star Jiang Xiaoyu, who claimed to be the “first evil in the world”, lived in the wicked valley since childhood. Under the support of the ten evil Li Dazui and others, he was so good and spoof all day long, but his mouth was slick, but his heart was kind and pure. . The little fish walked in the rivers and lakes, and there was no shortage of unfamiliar sons and flowers. As the contact deepens, the little fish and the flowers become a friend of the enemy.
Originally, the flower was inadvertently taken from the small palace to invite the month to adopt and give him martial arts. In fact, in order to avenge the revenge of the flower and the father of the little fish, Jiang Feng, the two were deliberately raised separately, and the two grew up and killed each other. At the same time, Jiang Biehe and Jiang Yulang’s two fathers and sons are planning a bigger martial arts conspiracy, arresting the crickets, and the oriole in the aftermath, a hurricane that is related to the survival of the martial arts. The little fish and the flowers are finally missing the plot and tricks of the palace, and work together to calm the grievances and challenges of the rivers and lakes.


Detail of Handsome Sibling

Chinese Title: 绝代双骄 (Perfect Double Arrogance)
English Title: Handsome Siblings
Production: 2018
Production company: iQiyi
Production area: China Mainland
Filming locations: Hengdian, Xiangshan, Wuxi, Yunnan, Ningxia, Gansu, Xinjiang, etc.
Director: Zou Jicheng, Liu Fang
Screenplay: Wang Ziyu, Yu Hailin, Ma Ming, Zhong Jing
Starring: Hu Day, Chen Zheyuan, Liang Jie, Liang Wei, Luo Jialiang, Mao Linlin, Zhou Junchao
Number of Episode: 53
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Costume, martial arts
Online platform: IQIYI
Supervisor: Guo Jingyu
Chief producer: Wu Dun
Producer: Xue Xin, Wang Bing, Chen Pinxiang
Filming time: February 7, 2018, July 23, 2018


Trailer of Handsome Sibling


Cast of Handsome Sibling

Hu Yitian as Hua WuqueJiang Feng and Huayue slave one of the twin sons. Known as the innocent son.

Chen Zheyuan as Xiao Yu ErJiang Feng and Huayue slave one of the twin sons. Known as the magic star.

Liang Jie as Su YingProficient in medical skills, institutional skills, and good at strategy

Liang Jing Xian as Tiexin Lan Mingyan Gaojie’s Peony Beauty

Luo Jia Liang as Jiang Bie HeYuan Jiangfeng’s book boy Jiang Qin

Mao Lin Lin as Shi Yao Yue
Zheng Bin Hui as Yan Nan TianThe world’s first hero, the world’s first Excalibur

Wang Wei as Zhang JingShe is said that the little fairy is the daughter of Zhang Sanniang, the first beauty of the rivers and lakes.

Shao Yong as Mu RongjiuMurong’s youngest daughter
Song Wen Zuo as Shi Hei ZhizhuThe spirit of spider, the first person of the younger generation has become the first person.
Meng Li as Lian Xing
Zhou Jun Chao as Jiang Yu Lang
Zhou Bin as Gu Renyu