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Haha Gym Chinese Drama

Do you like sports dramas? The Chinese drama series “Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房)” is the best choice for you to follow. This Mandarin drama tells the story of a fitness place named “Haha Gym” which was founded by a man named Peter.

There, he and his employees felt a strong bond with each other. Initially he had 3 employees, but 2 new people were also recruited and became a coach team at the fitness center. Chinese Drama Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房) airs starting April 25, 2019 in the Sohu TV channel, Thursday local time.

Directed by Xue Xianjian and the author is Song Kai. The players of Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房) are mostly starred by rookie artists, such as Li Lin who plays Uncle Peter. For the third cast of employees from Peter at the fitness center are Yu Jin, Xu Qin and Xiao Mi.

Then there was also Su Dan who was recruited to become a new employee and actress Wu Yuyao who became a new coach. Actress Qie Lu Tong, who had been a supporting player in the Chinese drama “Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me” also participated in this 2019 Chinese Drama series.


Synopsis of Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房)

Drama about people who are bustling in a fitness center who work together, laugh and live together to find love. Uncle Peter, played by Li Lin, is a mysterious man who opened the gym. He recruited 3 good employees and coaches.

Haha Gym Synopsis
Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Ma Fei played by Yu Jin is a trainer, a fitness instructor at “Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房)” who is very brave. Xiao Mi (Lu Jingqi) is a staff member and receptionist at that place and Qin Qin (Xu Qin) works as an accountant and cook.

After some difficulties finally Haha Gym opened the door. And because of a shortage of staff, Uncle Peter hired sales agents Lin Shao (Su Dan) as a consultant. Qiao Jia (Wu Yuyao), a rich girl who fled also joined the team as a female trainer.


Details of Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房)

Title: Haha Gym
Other Title: 哈哈 健身房 / Ha Ha Jian Shen Fang
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sport
Episodes: 12 (twelve)
Director: Xue Xianjian
Scriptwriter: Song Kai
Station Channel: Sohu TV
Country: China
Displayed on: April 25, 2019


Cast of Haha Gym (哈哈 健身房)

Yu Jin as Ma Fei
Wu Yuyao as Qiao Jia
Su Dan as Lin Shao
Li Lin as Peter Shu
Xu Qin as Qin Qin
Wang Lu as Da Wei
Lu Jingqi as Xiao Mi
Wang Lu as Da Wei
Qie Lutong