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Guava Island 2019

Hiro Murai’s latest film is “Guava Island”; The film tells the story of a young musician trying to hold a festival to free oppressed people on Guava Island, even if only for a day. It stars Donald Glover, Rihanna, & nbsp; Nonso Anozie, Letitia Wright, and & nbsp; Alan Jael Velázquez Abreu, released from April 13, 2019 thanks to Amazon Studios.

‘Guava Island’ center for Cuban musician Deni Maroon, played by Donald Glover’s musical alter ego. Deni works for radio stations on the fictional island of Guava. Considered the ‘Childish Gambino film,’ ‘Guava Island’ is a parable about capitalism, art, music, and freedom.


Synopsis of Guava Island

Deni Maroon (Donald Glover) plays fun songs on his daily radio show and is a favorite among islanders. The rhythm of life on the island is controlled by Red Cargo, played by Nonso Anozie. Everyone on the island works for him, and he doesn’t believe in holidays! Deni’s lover, Cofi, played by Rihanna, and her best friend Yara, played by Black Panther actress Letitia Wright.

Every corner of the island of Guava is marked with the letter, ‘Red sees you.’ When Deni promises listeners of concerts all night next Saturday, everyone on the island is busy, except the only rich person, Red!

On the day of the concert, Deni was kidnapped by Red Cargo and then the confrontation mentioned above occurred. With a pretentious but light tone, Red warns him about the consequences of the concert all night. He explained why the show should not happen because of spending the energy of his staff the next day. People will be too weak to work on Sundays, and Red does not believe in holidays.

guava islan synopsis
Guava Island Synopsis, Trailer, And Cast: American Movie

He rang Deni’s guitar and sent the singer back with threats. But at the afternoon, Deni announced on the radio, “See you at the concert tonight!”

Meanwhile, a subplot runs parallel to the main pot that is tense, with Kofi eagerly waiting for Deni to share special news about them. For Deni, he is love in his life and reflection. He sang all the songs for him or, all the songs he sang were about him.

The “Guava Island” features a number of moves from Childish Gambino such as ‘Summer Magic,’ ‘Feels Like Summer,’ ‘This Is America,’ and ‘Saturday.’ While Deni is determined to hold an overnight concert for everyone to enjoy, Red tries to block it at any cost, and Kofi wants to save her husband’s life and music for the baby they will soon have. The film moves towards a tense climax – Deni’s concert.


Details of Guava Island

Release: April 13, 2019
Players: Donald Glover, Rihanna, Nonso Anozie, Letitia Wright
Director: Hiro Murai
Author: Donald Glover, Stephen Glover
Studio: Amazon Studios


Trailer of Guava Island


Cast of Guava Island

Donald Glover as Deni Maroon
Rihanna as Kofi Novia
Letitia Wright as Yara Love
Nonso Anozie as Red Cargo
Alan Jael Velázquez Abreu as Kito
Renny Arozarena as Butcher
Betiza Bistmark Calderón as Emani Dune
Michael Ricardo Crespo Cardenas as Deni’s Assassin
Barbara Janet Martinez as Shopkeeper Woman
Ayensi Amilgar Jardines Delgado as Dodo
Pedro Julio Diaz as Deni’s Neighbor
Pedro Julio Díaz Ferran as Deni’s Neighbor
Adrián Cisneros Flores as Fish Seller
Talia Gómez as Red’s Secretary
Victor Manuel Correa Magueira as Red’s Chauffeur
Claudia Rivero Martínez as Woman at Concert
Kdir Michel Varela Moreno as Victor
Iyaima Martínez Navarro as Naeema
Luis Enrique Carreres as Factory Guard
Mayra Mazorra as Mayra Mazorra Pérez
Yansel Alberto Monagas Pérez as Coley
Karla Talía Pino Piloto as Zoila
Enrique Quiñones as Radio Station Engineer
Alain Rodriguez as Mapi
Daniel Amat Rodríguez as Man at Concert

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