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Graceful Family 2019

The beautiful and famous actress Im Soo Hyang got the main player’s offer in the Korean Drama “Graceful Family (우아한 가)” which is planned to air on the MBN in the second half of 2019. Tells of a beautiful, intelligent woman from a wealthy family who lives like an unruly person.

But actually he was a strong and ambitious woman who wanted to take revenge for his mother’s death. The main female character in the MBN drama series is the beautiful actress Im Soo Hyang. Are you familiar with this famous artist? He is a player in the Korean drama “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty“, one of the popular JTBC drakors in 2018.

On April 8, 2019, it was rumored that Im Soo Hyang had decided to appear as the main actor. The family Korean drama series was produced by Director Han Chul-Soo, who previously also worked on the drama “My Little Baby”, airing in 2016, whose main character was Oh Ji-Ho. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of Graceful Family.


Synopsis of Graceful Family

Tells stories from people in the TOP team that manage the risks of the company. A team is created to avoid the worst possibilities of the company such as illegal actions or misjudgment carried out by the family of the company owner.

Graceful Family Synopsis
Graceful Family (우아한 가) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

Mo Seok-Hee, played by Lim Soo-Hyang, is a woman from a wealthy family (chaebol) whose mother was killed. She looks like a beautiful and smart girl from a wealthy family who is out of control. But actually Mo Seok-hee is secretly trying to chase the killer of her mother.

She began investigating herself for the mystery of her mother’s murder and returned to Korea for the first time in 15 years.


Details of Graceful Family

Title: Graceful Family
Other Title: 우아한 가 (家)
Genres: Drama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 16 (to be confirm)
Director: Han Chul-Soo
Scriptwriter: Han Chul-Soo
Channel Station: MBN
Displayed on: Second Half of 2019


Cast of Graceful Family

Lim Soo Hyang as Mo Seok Hee

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