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Glory of The Special Force

Glory of The Special Force (特战荣耀; 特种兵) is directed by Xu Jizhou, Yang Yang, Li Yixuan, Jiang Yuxia and other starring in the military drama 

Glory of The Special Force (特战荣耀; 特种兵) tells the story of Yan Qiyue (Yang Yang) from a skilled, but out of step with the collective “King of soldiers”, in the harsh environment and difficult tasks under the beating, gradually integrated into the group, and gradually with Ai Qianxue (Li Yiyi) from mutual look, to mutual appreciation, and grow together,

The story of the blood-soaked army brigade that grew into an excellent armed police special forces member. Released on April 19, 2019, “Glory of The Special Force (特战荣耀; 特种兵)” set of makeup posters starring Yang Yang and released Yang Yang’s special training. And also announced the official start-up into the shooting of the filming .
Yang Yang and other main actors in order to cope with the difficult shooting, has entered the training base ahead of time, under the guidance of active-duty soldiers to carry out practical training. On June 11, 2019, the play debuted at the like-minded launch of The Associated Press and released the first film.


Synopsis of Glory of The Special Force

Yan Yue (Yang Yang), who was born into a military family, joined the army on the occasion of the college entrance exam in order to prove himself to his father To a branch of the armed police. In the training of new recruits, Yan Yue broke training results amazing, but not by the captain Li Qiang optimistic, was assigned to the special battle team cooking class. Cooking class lying on the tiger hidden dragon, Yan Yue Break converges heart into the work. Because of outstanding performance, Yan Yue participated in the selection of the armed police special team. 
Glory of The Special Force
Glory of The Special Force Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
In order to realize the hero dream, Yan Yanyue once focused on self-conscious, ignoring the collective. The harsh environment and the difficult task made him realize the shortcomings. With the help of his comrades, he finally realized the importance of the team and the true meaning of the spirit of collectivism, and understood the good intentions of Li Qiang, the old captain, and the former king continued to hone himself. The soul squeals thousands of miles away, the war is dead as home.
In a secondary and death test, Yan Yue continued to grow, become an excellent armed police special forces, adhere to the party and the country’s absolute loyalty and firm faith, always do the Party and the people’s loyal guards.


Detail of Glory of The Special Force

Chinese Title: 特战荣耀; 特种兵
English Title: Glory of The Special Force
Years of production: 2019
Production Company: Yew Media, Iron Entertainment, Hyatt Film and Television, Star Media
Production area: China
Distribution Company: Yew Media
Director: Xu JiZhou
Screenwriters: Feng Wei and Xu Jizhou
Editor: Feng Wei and Xu Jizhou
Starring: Yang Yang, Li Yixuan, Jiang Yuxia
Number of episode: 58 Episodes
Length per episode: 45 minute
Genre of: Contemporary, Military
Online Platform: Tencent Video


Trailer of Glory of The Special Force

Cast of Glory of The Special Force

Yang Yang as Yan Yanyue 
He is a special forces man, and he’s a hard man with iron blood. Actor Yang Yang He was a special force in the armed police who grew up in harsh conditions. The “King of Soldiers”, whose skills stand out, is out of place with the collective.

Li Yixuan as Ai Qian xue
The youngest electronic information and communication engineer in a border regiment. There is a grand heart, want to prove themselves, because an experience becomes a soldier, personal ability is very strong, but the army needs a collective consciousness, and ultimately in the army to hone and grow.

Jiang Yuxia as Guo Xiao Xiao
The sharpshooter, neutral beauty, independent character, dare to be bold, no less than the male soldiers

Li Yixuan 
She is the youngest electronic information communication engineer in a border guard regiment, simple mind, soft inner, kind and inclusive person.