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The Smoke In My Youth

The end of the program becomes a series. Although it was mentioned in different names before, it was decided that the name was “Gençlik Başımda Duman (The Smoke in My Youth)”. The series was released in the new season of 2017 2018. Which channel will the series be aired on? What’s the series about? Here are the details of the series…

Gençlik Başımda Duman (The Smoke in My Youth) series begins. The program, which was previously coming to the screens, will give life to some of the candidates ‘ programme begins soon. And what channel will the show be on? Who are the actors? What’s the series about?

The filming of the series was announced on 23 July. For the first time in the shooting, Cansel Çördük will have a stamp on the previous season’s Kısmetse will program. Every character in Gençlik Başımda Duman (The Smoke in My Youth) will play itself. In fact, there were allegations that the script was written and that the script was played. Gençlik Başımda Duman, these allegations are left behind. In his series, Tuğçe and Emre will be the beloved. In fact, it was known that they were alive.

Gençlik Başımda Duman (The Smoke in My Youth) series will be the daily series. In this case, the shots will continue every day. With a claim of shock, Nur Cimilli is indeed a series of scenes from the birth of the conversation is spoken. In my youth, the smoke sequence will be half-true semi-screenplay.

If you are going to marry, the TV series from the stars of Gel begins in Duman tv8… Here’s the subject and the actors


Synopsis of Gençlik Başımda Duman

The new domestic series of TV8 channel, which is owned by Acun Ilıcalı, has become apparent in the publication date of Duman in my youth.

Gençlik Başımda Duman cast
Gençlik Başımda Duman Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

Production House is the producer of the series produced by the candidates in the ‘ Kısmetse is ‘ program published on Kanal D screens. The series of names such as Batuhan Cimilli, Nur Erkoc, Emre Ubeyli, Mehtap Taşkıran, Cansel Çördük, Gökhan Sara and Rabia Karaca will be on the screen on weekends.

The first episode of ‘ Smoke in youth ‘ is at 16.00 on Saturday, September 23rd, and every Saturday and Sunday at 16.00 with new episodes!

Gençlik Başımda Duman Trailer
TV8, known for its more entertaining programmes and competitions, continues its series of ATMs. If you are going to marry the series of love-I novels played by the candidates in the program this week, the channel began to broadcast last season, The Kanal D screens, which is the name of the candidates in the program of Kısmetse will be published in the youth head Smoke is a brand new series Preparing.

The series includes competitors such as Batuhan Cimilli, Nur Erkoc, Emre Ubeyli, Mehtap Taşkıran, Cansel Çörduke, Gökhan Sara and Rabia Karaca. Gençlik Başımda Duman, produced at production House, is soon at TV8!


Cast of Gençlik Başımda Duman