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From Survivor to Healer

From Survivor to Healer (爱上 你 治愈 我) is the latest 2019 romantic Chinese drama aired by Youku. Tells about a love story between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Young people fall in love with each other, but must separate. After a few years later, the two returned to meet and continue their love story.

Produced by director Cao Dun and filming Chinese Drama From Survivor to Healer (爱上 你 治愈 我) took place in November 2017 in Beijing and Japan. For the male lead is actor Shawn Dou and the female character is Vivi Miao. The two artists have performed together on the Chinese drama Princess Agents, one of the popular Chinese Dramas in 2017.

Senior actor Chin Shih Chieh from Taiwan who is also one of the cast in the drama Princess Agents also appeared as a player From Survivor to Healer (爱上 你 治愈 我) with veteran actress Pan Hong. The film is scheduled to air on March 31, 2019, but the screening will be rescheduled. All right, you can immediately read the full Synopsis of From Survivor to Healer.


Synopsis of From Survivor to Healer

Yan Shu Ren, played by Shawn Dou is a psychiatrist, while Sun Shu played by Vivi Miao is a psychologist. They both met and became acquainted at school while studying for a PhD. They also fell in love with each other, but an incident occurred and Shu Ren left the school without telling Sun Shu.
From Survivor to Healer
From Survivor to Healer (爱上 你 治愈 我): Chinese Drama

Then Sun Shu continued her education in Japan to study. After 5 years, the two were summoned by their former teacher to come to work in a hospital called Si Kang. The former pair of lovers is reunited, Shu Ren apologizes to Sun shu and wants to correct his mistake, but instead she refuses and cools down to him.

One day Sun Shu’s mother fell ill, Shu Ren recalled that 8 years ago her mother died in a car accident and blamed hisself. He always questioned his profession.  Shu Ren returned to close with Shun Shu, He helped pass the difficult times.


Details of From Survivor to Healer

Title: From Survivor to Healer
Other Titles: Ai Shang Ni Zhi Yu Wo / 爱上 你 治愈 我
Genre: Romance, Medical
Episodes: 42 (forty two)
Director: Cao Dun
Scriptwriter: Mo Fei Le, Dong Shan Xun Mei and Cheng Qiang
Channel Station: QQLive
Country: China
Displayed on: April 2019


Trailer of From Survivor to Healer


Cast of From Survivor to Healer

Shawn Dou as Yan Shu Ren
Vivi Miao as Sun Shu
Peng Guan Ying as Chen Yi Fan
Chin Shih Chieh as Chen Yuan Geng
Pan Hong as Lin Zhi Fan
Johnny Zhang as Hou Jun Ming
Wang Xuan as Ji Mingyue
Shao Wei Tong as Zhang Ji Cheng
Zhou Yi Wei as Frank
Wang Si Si as Lisa / Yuan Yuan
Cao Wei Yu as Li Zong
Karlina Zhang