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Flipped Chinese Drama 2019

Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜) is the latest Chinese drama that tells of a beautiful love story that brings together many personalities such as dominating CEOs, warm heroes, beauty at work and much more. Huang – Huang and Qi Xun’s meeting became an unexpected fate.

The latest Chinese drama will be aired starting December 24, 2018 on the Youku channel, every Monday and Tuesday local time. Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜) starring by handsome actor Gao Han Yu who is one of the players in the Legend of Fu Yao drama series which aired in mid-2018.

Beautiful actress Chen Yu Mi, also known as Charlene Chen, is the main female character. She appears beautifully as the lead role in the drama Mystic Mandarin Tientsin (2017). Alright, now you just read the full synopsis of Flipped.


Synopsis of Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜)

Huan Huan, played by Charlene Chen, became a bit rebellious because of her father’s hard education. After escaping from home, she met Qi Xun played by Gao Han Yu, a very talented, cold and very sensitive young man with extraordinary abilities.
Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜)
Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama


Details of Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜)

Title: Flipped
Other titles: 喜欢 你 时 风 好甜 / Xi Huan Ni Shi Feng Hao Tian
Genre: Crime
Episodes: 24 (twenty four)
Director: Ye Wei Min
Scriptwriter: Ye Wei Min
Channel Station: Youku
Country: China
Aired on: December 24, 2018, every Monday and Tuesday


Trailer of Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜)


Cast of Flipped (喜欢 你 时 风 好甜)

Gao Han Yu as Qi Xun
Charlene Chen as Shuang Shuang
Jenna Wang as Du Wan Tian
Sun Ke Jie as Shi Lang
Lin Yu Rou as Qi Tian
Gu Lan Di as Kun Lan
Zhu Wen Chao as He Zheng Chang
Miao Zi Jie as Feng Yun