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Çarpışma Episodes

Will Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 25 be published?. Will the new 25th episode start again in the New 2nd Season?

The beloved series of ShowTV screens Çarpışma (The Collision) Episode 25. Will the episode be published? Did Çarpışma (The Collision) finish in the season final? Will the 25th episode trailer be publicity? Çarpışma (The Collision) sequence is often wondered by the audience.

ShowTV’s beloved-watched sequence Çarpışma (The Collision), on Thursday, May 29th 2019, episode 24 come to the screens with the section (last chapter). In the last section of the collision; Veli decides to leave Istanbul and begins to say goodbye to the city. But at a time he never waits, he gets a message from someone he never expected. Blood will Bleed, the lives will burn, and death will steal the door once more. Here are all the details of the series of collisions…

Final 24th Episode of Çarpışma (The Collision)

What happen in the last episode?
Kadir quickly brings Zeynep to the hospital. Zeynep is on the brink of death. Cansiz increasing the hatred of Kadir, who knows him, together with the names of the collaborators to learn and trace the one by one. Veli is after Cansiz. Kadir and Veli, two separate arms and kills to death, they advance to Cansiz. The news that Kadir and Veli are after will soon reach Cansiz. Cansiz, instructs his men to kidnap Aylin. Aylin is forced to be kidnapped when she is with Cemre.

Aylin’s life in exchange for the parents of Kadir wants to kill Cansiz. Kadir shoots Veli before he blinks. But he does not stop in Cansiz word and asks Kadir to kill himself, just like Selim. Kadir will put his gun on his head without hesitation for Aylin to live. At this time, a phone tone is heard and the course of the lifeless reckoning with Kadir varies. Now it’s the end of the road, and for either one, death is inevitable.

The 24th episode of Çarpışma (The Collision) final episode on Thursday evening, May 30th. In the statements made by the concerned, the series of collisions is already planned as a season. According to the description, the 25th episode has gained clarity that the new season will not be released.

Çarpışma Episode 24 Full Movie

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