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Zalim İstanbul Turkish Drama

Where is the Cruel Istanbul filming location? In What Village? Where is the Pavilion?

Channel D screens In April, the first promotional trailer was released in the series of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul), which is expected to come across. The Film, which was started in Antakya on 11 February, is the producer of the series of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) and will set up both Hatay Antakya and Istanbul.

Cruel Istanbul in Which Village was Filmed?
The first two episodes of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) series were filmed in the Şenköy neighborhood of Hatay, the district of Yayladagi. Şenköy has special significance for Hatay and Khatayans; Because before joining the main homeland of Hatay, important work was carried out by the people of this region. In Fact, the people of Şenköy for the first time does not see a set; Şenköy has an important place in promoting the culture of Hatay in Turkey and the world because it was previously shot for the series such as Deli Gönül (Crazy Heart) and Asi (Vaccine) in this touristic village.

Hatay Şenköy How Many Inhabitants
Şenköy, a village in the district of Yayladagi of Hatay, is a charming village with a population of 873. The peasant’s livelihood is olive soap production and olive-filled production. In Fact, we can remember Şenköy as the village of Mehmet Kadir, who gave life to Murat Ünalmış in the series of careful viewers Deli Gönül.

Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) Players Fikret Kuskan, Deniz Ugur, Ozan Dolunay, Berker Guven, Idris Nebi Taşkın, Sera Kutlubey and Simay Barlas saw Şenköy for the first episode of the series and liked this quaint village. The set of Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) once again comes to Yayladagi, but the footage was moved to Istanbul before the end of February.
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Zalim İstanbul location
Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) Filming Location

Where is the Shooting of Zalim İstanbul?
After the shooting of Hatay in the series Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) will be taken to Istanbul. In many different parts of Istanbul will be held in the series, but the audience’s most curious is the location of the mansion of Agah Karacay’ın even the mansion of Kuzguncuk.

The pavilion will be held at Istanbul Kuzguncuk in Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) series. The Mansion of Agah Karaçay will also see the 15th of July Martyrs ‘ Bridge; Because Kuzguncuk District is located in Üsküdar neighborhood on the Anatolian side.

Kuzguncuk is a region famous for its historic mansions; If the mansions are not mixed Agah Karacay’s mansion Ayse Sıdıka Lady is the Mansion. Ayse Sıdıka Hanim Mansion is located in Üsküdar Kuzguncuk Baba Nakkas Street.

Where is Zalim İstanbul Karacay Pavilion?
The building, which is used as Karacay Mansion in the series, is a historical building which is actually renewed to be made office. It was renovated for Zalim İstanbul (Cruel Istanbul) series.

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