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Fighting Youth 2019

Fighting Youth (青春 斗) is the latest Chinese drama released March 24, 2019 on the Dragon TV channel and airs every day at 19.30 local time. Do you still remember the popular Chinese drama Love O2O which was aired in 2016? Of course for you romantic Chinese Drama fans already watching this drama.

Yes, the actor Bei Wei Wei in the series is beautiful actress Zheng Shuang and now appears with her latest Chinese drama titled “Fighting Youth (青春 斗)”. The drama will have 38 episodes and will end on April 12, 2019. This tells the story of the struggle of 5 young girls who are struggling to live their lives.

Zheng Shuang appeared as one of the female lead players named Xiang Zhen, for the other 4 women there were newcomers Gai Cass, Xu Yue, Chen Xiao Yun and Wang Xiu Zhu. They are all top young artists from China. Popular Chinese drama cast 2019 Emperors and Me named Gao Tai Yu also appeared as the male lead character here.

Director Zhao Bao Gang, who worked on this drama “Fighting Youth (青春 斗)“, whose film production began in 2018. Besides on Dragon TV, this drama series will also be broadcast on Beijing TV, Youku, Tencent TV and also iQiyi. Alright, just read the full synopsis of Fighting Youth.


Synopsis of Fighting Youth

Xiang Zhen, played by Zheng Shuang, Qian Bei Bei played by Gai Cass, Jin Xiao Ni (Chen Xiao Yun), Ding Lan Ni (Xu Yue), Yu Hui Ni (Wang Xiu Zhu) are 5 different girls and meet at a university that same. They slowly learn about the obstacles to life and finally learn from each other how to fight in their youth.
Fighting Youth Chinese Drama
Fighting Youth (青春 斗) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

After graduating, the five of them lived in Beijing and were determined to fight. However, feeling young and enthusiastic, but they were afraid of failing the postgraduate exam, they were afraid of unemployment, lost love, and feared being ordered by their parents to go home.

They explore and try to finally understand the need to change their destiny through these struggles.


Details of Fighting Youth

Title: Fighting Youth
Other Title: 青春 斗
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 38 (thirty six)
Director: Zhao Bao Gang
Scriptwriter: Zhao Bao Gang
Channel Station: Dragon TV
Country: China
Displayed on: March 24, 2019 – April 12, 2019,
every day at 7.30 PM.


Cast of Fighting Youth

Zheng Shuang as Xiang Zhen
Gai Cass as Qian Bei Bei
Xu Yue as Ding Lan
Chen Xiao Yun as Jin Xiao Ni
Wang Xiu Zhu as Yu Hui
Gao Tai Yu as Chen Yan
Xu Yang is as Zhao Cong
Liu Shuailiang as Zhuang Yi
Wang Yang as Gaushan
Zhao Mingli as Joan An
Su Xin as Jin Xin
Chen Bizhen as Fei Wenwen
Li Feiyang as Yang Jianjun

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