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Fall in Love at First Kiss [2019]

Fall in Love at First Kiss (恶作剧 之 吻) is the latest Chinese film released on February 14, 2019, of course still remembering the drama and film Kisschief Kiss or It Started with a Kiss? There are Korean and Japanese versions, well, the story is not much different, it was also raised to 2019’s latest romantic Mandarin movie.

Fall in Love at First Kiss (恶作剧 之 吻) tells the story of an ordinary girl who likes genius men at school but is cruelly rejected. Unexpected things happened to both of them who brought romance stories of interesting love. The main actor is the beautiful Chinese actress Lin Yun who is familiarly called Jelly Lin.

Meanwhile, for the main character of Fall in Love at First Kiss (恶作剧 之 吻) is a handsome actor from Taiwan named Darren Wang, and a beautiful Lin Yun is known as a player from the popular film Mermaid (2016) while Daren appears in the latest 2019 Chinese drama The Wolf.

Besides them there are also other Taiwanese artists such as Shu Yao Guo, Dino Lee, Bernice Tsai and actor Kenji Chen. Okay, now you can read the full synopsis of Fall in Love at First Kiss.


Synopsis of Fall in Love at First Kiss

A love story between an ordinary girl with a stubborn crush and a school genius who is adored by all that began when they finally lived in the same house.

When a fool falls in love with someone who is far from his ability, is there hope for a happy ending? Xiang Qin, played by Jelly Lin, is an ordinary girl who has a crush on Jiang Zhi Shu played by Darren Wang.

Fall in Love at First Kiss
Fall in Love at First Kiss (恶作剧 之 吻) Synopsis And Cast

After she poured out her feelings for him and was cruelly rejected, Xiang Qin considered giving up forever. However, things happened and her father took her to stay temporarily with Zhi Shu‘s family.

In a sweet and pure love story in middle school, Xiang Qin‘s bright buoyancy shines. Zhi Shu began to wonder whether Xiang Qin was just a deviation or someone who was destined for him.


Details of The Fall in Love at First Kiss

Title: Fall in Love at First Kiss
Other Title: Sealed With a Kiss / Mischievous Kiss /
A Kiss Token of Love / It Started with a Kiss
Chinese Title: 恶作剧 之 吻
Genre: Romance, Comedy, School
Director: Frankie Chen
Scriptwriter: Frankie Chen
Country: China
Displayed on: February 14, 2019
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


Trailer of Fall in Love at First Kiss



Cast Fall in Love at First Kiss

Lin Yun as Yuan Xiang Qin
Darren Wang as Jiang Zhi Shu
Shu Yao Guo as [Head nurse]
Dino Lee as [Science Nerd]
Bernice Tsai as Ah Li Sao
Christopher Lee as Jiang Wan Li [Zhi Shu’s father]
Kenji Chen as Ah Jin

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