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Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) is a new Chinese series centered on a mysterious and materialistic young woman who meets a kind man. This Chinese Drama is also known as the other title “When She is in love”.

Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) Adapted from The popular romance novel The Story of Gossip Girl by Shen Chang Mei. The Drama aired from June 11, 2019 on Youku television channel, every Monday to Friday at 20.00 local time.

This romantic comedy Web Drama Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) starring by Camille Hua as the female lead and the actor Richards Wang Mo Yi Huai in The popular series The Eternal Love.

Young singer Luo Zheng also became a major supporting player. It became his first debut. Let’s read to the plot story and synopsis of Fall in Love.


Synopsis of Fall in Love

A mysterious young woman with a fickle identity falls into a sweet and healing romance with a man who loves to play a woman’s heart but actually has a good heart.

Fall in Love Chinese Drama
Fall in Love (当她恋爱时) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

In the eyes of his first love, Feng Ping (Camille Hua) is a woman who does not show anything but her appearance.

In the eyes of the rich and handsome, she is a materialistic woman. In the eyes of another woman, she is a manipulative fox. Feng Ping became the center of gossip after betrothed to the wealthy man Tang Jia Nan (Richards Wang).


Detail of Fall in Love

Chinese Title: 当她恋爱时 (Dang Ta Lian Ai Shi)
English Title: Fall in Love
Other titles: When She is in love
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Number of Episodes: 30
Director: Qin Yu
Screenwriter: Shen Chang Mei
Channel Station: Youku
Country: China
Showtimes: 11 June 2019 – 11 July 2019,
Every Monday – Friday at 20.00


Trailer of Fall in Love

Cast of Fall In Love

Camille Hua as Feng Ping
Richards Wang as Tang Jia Nan
Luo Zheng as Fang Jun Hao
Li Ruo Ning as Lu Qiao
Miles Wei as Tang Hao Yun
He Shao Hong as Tang Zhan
Pu Tao as Qiu Tian
Chen Peng Wan Li as Yi Eryang
Wang You Jun as An Yue Sheng

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