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Fake Affair (2019)

Fake Affair/ 偽装 不 倫 (Gisou Furin) is the latest Japanese Drama who tells the unique story of a man named Hama Shoko who pretends to have a husband and is making a fake affair. Some people also know the drama with another title “Disguised Adultery”.

This Japanese Drama Fake Affair (偽装 不 倫) was adapted based on the manga series “Gisou Furin” by Akiko Higashimura and was first published November 2018 by Bungeishunju. Airs from July 10 and ends on September 11, 2019 with a duration of 10 episodes broadcast on NTV every Wednesday at 10 p.m.

The main cast is actress Anne Watanabe and actor Hio Miyazawa who plays Goro in the Japanese drama Dr. Storks. Many artists who are quite familiar also support the drama, such as Yukie Nakama, Shosuke Tanihara and Toshiki Seto. Alright, now you can just read the plot story or synopsis of Fake Affair (偽装 不 倫).


Synopsis of Fake Affair

The drama “Fake Affair (偽装 不 倫)” tells about Shoko Hama (Anne Watanabe) is a 32-year-old single woman and a contract worker. She is not good at romance and has no boyfriend, but she wants to get married.

Fake Affair (偽装 不 倫) Synopsis And Cast: Japanese Drama

For the past 2 years, he has been looking for a man to marry. Still unable to find the right man, Shoko Hama decided to travel alone. While on the plane, she met a handsome young man.

During her trip, she met the young man again. Shoko Hama lied to him and told him that she was a married woman. The man told her “let’s cheat on this trip.”


Details of Fake Affair

Title: Fake Affair (2019)
Other Title: Disguised Adultery
Japan Title: 偽装 不 倫 / Gisou Furin
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 10
Director: Yuma Suzuki, Seiichi Nagumo
Scriptwriter: Akiko Higashimura (manga), Rin Eto
Channel Station: NTV
Country: Japan
Showtimes: July 10 2019 – September 11 2019, every Wednesday at 22:00


Trailer of Fake Affair


Cast of Fake Affair

Higashide Anne as Pest Shoko
Miyazawa Hio as Banno Jyo
Nakama Yukie as Yoshizawa Youko
Seto Toshiki as Yagami Fuuta
Tanihara Shosuke as Yoshizawa Kenji
Megumi as Banno Akari
Tanaka Michiko as Yamada Masako
Izawa Hiroshi as Koichi Pest
Asaka Mayumi as Mikiko Pest
Miyaji Masako as Okonomiyaki restaurant owner
Sakoda Takaya as  Kadoya
Tomita Miu as Kanae
Nakamura Masaya
Ogura Ichirou