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Explore with the Note 2019

Explore with the Note (怒海潜沙&秦岭神树) is 2019 Chinese suspense drama genred. The Series was adapted from Nanpai’s novel “Tomb Notes”, starring Hou Mingxi, Cheng Yi, Li Man, and Zhang Boyu. 

Explore with the Note (怒海潜沙&秦岭神树)” is produced by Huan Rui, Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Horgos Wuguang Shihua Film Co., Ltd., according to the Nanpai Sanshu novel “Tomb Notes”. Directed by Liu Guohui, Li Ang, and Zhou Wei, screen writer by Bai Yizhen and Li An, and the player are: Hou Mingwei, Cheng Yi, Li Man, Zhang Boyu, Liu Xueyi, Yao Yichen, Yao Wei and other starring super season drama.The play was broadcast on Tencent on June 6, 2019.

Synopsis of Explore with the Note

The protagonist Wu Xie (Hou Mingxi) was re-started with Zhang Qiling (Cheng Yishi), Aning (Li Manshi) and Wang Fatzi (Zhang Boyu) after he was born and died from the ruins of the Warring States period “Seven Stars Lu Wang Palace”. 
Explore with the Note
Explore with the Note (怒海潜沙&秦岭神树) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Explore the remains of the Ming Dynasty shipwrecked seabed buried deep in the seabed and hide countless secrets, and look for the story of the “three uncles” Wu San (Yao Wei). The “iron triangle” Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling and Wang Fatzi who came back from the reefs of the Xijiao retreat at home for a few days were surprised by an amazing news: the strange hexagonal bells, the ancient Yi people, the huge bronze trees, the distant Qinling hinterland, again Embarked on the path of exploration.


Detail of Explore with the Note

Chinese Title: 怒海潜沙&秦岭神树 (Nuhai Dive Sand, Qinling God Tree)
English Title: Explore with the Note
Production company: Huanrui Century,
Penguin Film and Television, Horgos Five-Color Films
First broadcast time: June 6, 2019
Screenplay: Bai Yizhen, Li Ang
Starring: Hou Mingxi, Li Man, Cheng Yi, Zhang Boyu
Episode: 40
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Genre of: Adventure, suspense, action
Online Platform: Tencent video

Trailer of Explore with the Note


Cast of Explore with the Note

Hou Mingxi as Wu Xie
Cheng Yi as Zhang Qiling
Zhang Boyu as Wang Fatzi
Siqin Gaowa as Mrs. Huo Lao
Liu Xueyi as Jie Yuchen
Han Chengyu as Dou Cheng
Zhang Tianyang as Zhang Plateau
Jin Shijie as Tai Shu
Ren Jialun as Xiao Wei
He Zhonghua as Chen Pi A Si
Xi Xue as Chen Wenjin
Professor Wang as Jinsong Qi
Li Man as A Ning
Wang Ji as Xiaomu

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