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金牌投资人 2018

“Excellent Investor (金牌投资人)” is Chinese Drama produced by Mango Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Boji Tianju Film Co., Ltd., Horgos Rice Field Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., directed by Peng Xuejun, Jiang Zehong is screenwriter, Yang Xuwen, Zhang Wei, Liang Tian, ​​Chen Long , Guo Xiaoran, Yuan Chengjie starring in the fashion business war drama.

Excellent Investor (金牌投资人) is adapted from Long Yu’s novel of the same name, telling the story of the dream and the reality. When both career and love are attacked, how does Fang Yubin find his position in the ever-changing investment market, follow his own heart and become a gold investor?. Excellent Investor (金牌投资人) was first broadcasted on April 3, 2018 at the Hunan Satellite TV Youth Theatre.


Synopsis of Excellent Investor

Fang Yubin, an investor from Grassroots, has worked hard in the financial industry with his professional competence and credibility. At a young age, he is already the Deputy Director of Investment of Rongding Capital Shanghai Branch. In an acquisition project, he met Su Jin, a well-known female president in the financial industry, and he became very interested in Su Jin. Jinsheng Group, the main investment target of Rongding Capital, suddenly fell sharply. 
Excellent Investor 2018
Excellent Investor (金牌投资人) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
Rongding give support for Jinsheng failed. Chairman Ding Yifu was impeached by other directors of the company. They were attracted by Fang Yubin and were rejected by Fang Yubin. Fang Yubin adhered to the principle, but fell into the bottom of his career. Su Jin continued to give Fang Yubin confidence and help, and Fang Yubin revived. At this time, Ding Yifu decided to sell the Jinsheng Group, and Fang Yubin was fully responsible for the matter. 
Fang Yubin understood that he must win this battle in an upright manner in order to get out of the trough. In the process of selling Jinsheng, Fang Yubin was obstructed by many parties, but in the company of Su Jin, he did not change his initial heart, did not step on the bottom line, was not influenced by anyone, and eventually sold Jinsheng. Fang Yubin became the general manager of Rongding Shanghai Company and became a well-deserved gold medal investor.


Detail of Excellent Investor

Chinese Title: 金牌投资人 (Gold Investor)
English Title: Excellent Investors
Year Production: 2018
Production company: Mango Film and Television, Boji Film, Rice Field Film and Television
Filming locations: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau
First Released: April 3, 2018
Director: Peng Xuejun
Screenplay: Jiang Zehong
Starring: Yang Xuwen, Zhang Wei, Liang Tian, ​​Chen Long, Guo Xiaoran, Yuan Chengjie
Number of Episode: 44 episodes (TV version), 41 episodes (DVD version)
Length of each episode: 37-48 minutes (TV version), 45-47 minutes (DVD version)
Genre of: Fashion, War drama
Producer: Zhang Yong
Online Platform: Mango TV, iQiyi
First broadcast: Hunan Satellite TV


Trailer of Excellent Investor

Cast of Excellent Investor

Yang Xuwen as Fang YubinInvestors from grassroots have become the middle layer of investment companies by virtue of their talents and hard work. In the face of complex interests and powerful opponents, he does not change his mind, does not step on the bottom line, does not be dominated by others, and finds his position. Struggle has become a well-deserved gold medal investor.

Zhang Wei as Su JinAs the senior investor, the chairman of the investment company, when Fang Yubin was in trouble, repeatedly extended a helping hand to him, not asking for a return. It was in this process that the two gradually developed feelings. When Fang Yubin fell into a career trough, she continued to give Fang Yubin confidence and encouragement.

Liang Tian as Qi YuRong Ding Capital Shanghai company deputy director of finance, but also Fang Yubin’s childhood, from the girlhood, the other side Yu Bin has developed a deep feeling, but Fang Yubin has always regarded her as her sister. After understanding the feelings of Fang Yubin and Su Jin, they finally chose to let go and reconcile with the rivals Su Jin.

Chen Long as Yuan RuilangGeneral Manager and Investment Director of Rongding Capital Shanghai Company. Resourceful, visionary, mature and steady without losing humor. In the company, he has no mercy on the subordinate Fang Yubin’s official business; in private, he also mentioned that he must be cautious in his workplace. He is also a teacher and friend of Fang Yubin.

Guo Xiaoran as Su HaoSu Jin’s half-brother, seemingly awkward, actually sees the world. In the face of the mother’s hard work for the Jiangzhou Group, he had to step by step to defend his sister. He always insisted on the brothers and sisters who “broken the bones and tied the ribs”, but they had to stand in opposition to each other’s enemies. One party.

Yuan Chengjie as Yan FeiRong Ding Capital’s Shanghai company director, in Fang Yubin’s enthusiasm to prepare for the position of investment director, he suddenly took the position from the company headquarters to the position of investment director, and quickly accumulated a network of contacts inside and outside the company with super social skills. .

Yan Xiaoshi as Xiao Xiaozhi
Gao Shuguang as Su Mu

Masai as Chu man
Song Mingyu as Hua Shouzheng
Wu Hao as Meng Wei
Hu Haobo, as Lin Hai
Song Chen as Chen Ran
Guan Yaxin as Xiao Tang
Shi Danjiang as Fu Shan
Chen Yulong as He Zhaowei       
Gao Hongliang as Ding Yifu
Xu Xiaoge as Fei Yunpeng