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Ever Night Season 2

After the finale of “Ever Night (将夜)”, “Ever Night Season 2 (将夜2)” is also hot, and it has been shot for 2 months in a blink of an eye. For the audience, in addition to how the story will continue, the starring is also very important. Although Chen Feiyu did not continue to play in the absence of some regrets, but the drama has to continue, and there are many original people in the starring are returning! 

For example, the Song Yi people who played Sang Sang, played the role of Mo Shanshan’s Yuan Bingzhen, in addition to the big Mr. Chen Zhen, the three divisions Kang Kangren, the twelve Mr. Hu Yuxuan, etc., the first part of the few favorite characters have not changed People, this is still very happy! And when it comes to “Ever Night (将夜)”, you have to mention the gold supporting lineup in the first season. Well, the gold supporting lineup here is not about the number of plays.

“Ever Night Season 2” is produced by Penguin Film, Cat Film, Golden Media, and Reading Film. Yang Yang sit in director chair, Dylan Wang, Song Yiren, Yang Chao, Yuan Bingyan and other player of the costume drama.


Synopsis of Ever Night Season 2

With Ning Que (Dylan Wang) and Sang Sang (Song Yiren) jointly defeating General Xiahou, the legendary night is approaching, and a big catastrophe kicks off. Ning lacks to treat Sang Sang, who was seriously injured by Xiahou, and took her to Menglan Festival. 
Ever Night Season 2
Ever Night Season 2 (将夜2) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama
However, the world said that Ning deficiency is the “child of Pluto” who subverts the human world. He is the chief culprit of the night, but he does not know the real “The son of Pluto” was actually Sansang. Ning deficiency and Sang Sang were attacked by the world, trying to kill them to stop the coming of the night, and once again embarked on the road to escape. With the coming of the night, a conspiracy is quietly brewing, and the war is on the horizon…


Detail of Ever Night Season 2

Chinese Title: 将夜2 (Ever Night 2)
Other Title: The second season of the night, the battle of the night
Year Production: 2019
Production Company: Penguin film, cat film, gold media, reading film industry
Filming Locations: Xinjiang, Guizhou, Hubei
Director: Yang Yang
Starring: Wang Hejun, Song Yiren, Yang Beyond, Yuan Bingzhen
Genre of: Costume, Fantasy
Producer: Wang Yuren
Online Platform: Tencent video

Trailer of Ever Night Season 2


Cast of Ever Night Season 2

Dylan Wang as Ning Que
Bian Jun’s little pawn is lacking in order to give the dying family Zhao Xue to the capital, from the “Chopping Lake in the Bibi Lake” to the 13th Mr. of the College, and finally becoming the guardian of Tang, taking up the responsibility of saving the world, rather than lacking The road to growth has been twisted and twisted, and there are also passions in the dangers. Ning’s lack of character set is free and easy, empathy and righteousness, gracefulness, hatred, and growth in the war, with a strong spirit of resistance.

Song Yiren as Sang Sang
Sang Sang is a nephew who is rather lacking. Although she is nominally a maid, she lacks to see her as more important than her own life, and she lacks her life. It is the most important and favorite person. But Sang Sang has another secret identity.

Yang Chao as Haotian
The only god of heaven and earth, with a high and cold personality, is both beautiful and intelligent. She is the moral and eternal worship of the world. It is both “bright” and “dark”. It is the Pluto who can bring about the night.

Yuan Bingyu as Moshan Shan

Liu Yujun as Ye Hong Yu

Zheng Shaoqiu

Chen Zhen as Li Man Man

Guo Pinchao

Wang Jinsong as Master of Qishan
Cheng Taizhen as Chen mou

Yao Anzhen as Li Qingshan
Bao Jianfeng as Li Zhongyi
He Zhonghua as Liu Bai

Yu Yulei as Xiling

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